Here’s another old one. I did this one fairly quickly. If you look closely you can see where I colored outside the lines. He also came out looking too “thick”. Oh well, I guess he’s been eating his Wheaties.

i like it but it has too much of a ST look too it not a 3s look

lol nice pic but his arms are a little too big. is yun really that strong?

Hadouken Laxative, Teach that Poop a Lesson, WITH GREAT VENGENCE!!!

Pi0mp use of markers, I like this picture of Yun, however… Yun is more pretty and not so hardcore looking. Still a diznam good picnam.

great stuff. personally (here we go…) i avoid symmetrical pics like the plague, but this one seems to stand up to the mirror image test decently. crazy arms you’ve given him, i like…

planning on doing anything new soon? just curious to see what your style looks like now, being umh… 2003 and all. kidding.

I was trying to get the foreshortening look for his arms but as we all can see, I went overboard. Anyway, thanks for the replies guys.

Man this shit is tight as hell! Too ST looking? Man shut the hell up! I hate when people always gotta say something like something is wrong with your shit. How can something be wrong if the artist made it look how he or she wanted it? I never understood that.

Neway good shit man. I would LOVE to see more.


those are the most stupid comments…

i like it alot! he’s all buff and stuff… weee!!

cool:) …i made it my desktop:)

I never saw yun as a character thats buff, but for what you tried to do you did very well.

Yun on Roids, i think its cool :stuck_out_tongue:

make more over the top Yun/Yang pictures :smiley: