Felt like a break from work. Yun is one of my fav sf characters.



what a nice, unique style

plus you made him look as evil as he really is!

good stuff :smiley:



Nice form. I wish his face was a little more teenage, though. It’s a good face, it reminds me of Joker from Batman Beyond, but still… awesome form.

good point! you know, it didn’t even come across my mind to make his face look younger.

thanks for the feedback

nice unique style :tup:

You got some nice confident lines here man. The face doesn’t bother me as much as the lack of details on the pants. I’m not sure what the diamond shape on his pants is suppose to be. Stick around and post more!

such style, so different ~! such talent~!

always interesting to see new styles

good shit!

Nice Yun.

You have a very interesting style. Keep at it.

The style is unique and the art looks consistent all the way through. :tup:

Agree 100%

Nice style :tup:

top tier :lovin:

I was gonna comment on the jokerface too. Really sick drawing man. Keep it up

damn, that’s the shizzknight!!! as usual, the cosigning still continues: “keep up the good work!”

Thanks everyone. i was goin for something really edgy/sharp and i guess i pushed his face too much. i’ll keep that in mind next time. it’s been a while since i doodled sf characters… i miss it a lot.

thanks again!