no this is not my pose. i’m saying that up front. i drew (not traced) and colored it.

this was not about the actual drawing, i was just fucking around w/ water colors.

Hey the colors are pretty good man. Add a bit more dark strands in the hair where the shadows are and it will be better.

the colors give it an interesting feel

you probably don’t want to hear it from me, but too bad. it’s good work, reminds me of moebius.

thats reminds me nothing of moebius! your watercolors are way to timid. it looks like your tweeking section by section rather than using broad strokes and simple masses. water colors is a difficult medium but if think more your less likely to make mistakes. and it looks like your using cheap water colors so your colors aren’t saturated enough. i personally like schmincke brand.


Very good… I’d like to see that sometime. I like the colors. Verry Nice

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