I’ve been playing SF4 for a while and it’s become a really cool game to play. I’ve dropped mostly any other game besides it. It’s something about controlling space sol that you can beat your opponent, or footies etc everything that makes the pure sport of it fun to watch and enjoy. Just the concept of the story. Where these fighters from all around the world the best of the best fight to see who is 1 amongst all of them. And because of that I want to take the game serious and travel to Japan in the winter to play in the arcades for a month. It’s been a dream of mine to go the for many reasons and playing street fighter there would be cool. But before I go I want to make the best of my time until then. So ima start a log date to date updates on my progression as a player so when December comes I can go over there and make the best of my time. I felt this log fit better in the newbie log due to it being more about my growth from noob to a better player.


I like the idea but your log can’t be here because the Newbie Saikyo Dojo is ONLY for asking questions. Since you have a tumblr, you should have that log there.


Okay thanks for the heads up.