YUN's "fast move" in Genei-Jin

You can move very fast in Genei-Jin, by presssing st.MP & st.LK (in a certain way). It’s very common among Nitto & Yakkun’s videos.

I’d like to learn the correct way from those who can do this. Should I press two buttons simultaneously (as players in my country say)?

mash jab + strong or short + strong

or if your as fast as your HRAP’s turbo settings just mash strong and hold forward.

Press strong and short at the same time

I tried this, but YUN didn’t move forward at all.

On the other hand, when I press strong and then press short, YUN will move a little forward.

I think there MUST be some subtle control here, MORE than “at the same time”.

Isn’t it Kara Short into Strong?

do it faster

Which one do you mean? Press strong and then press stand?

Also, anyone has the handmove video?

I got this down. The verb “mash” is absolutely proper.

Oh I got it
so you thought I meant press’em at the same time but only once…

No. The problem was: my handmove wasn’t fast enough. It’s OK now.

Can you do Kara-Fierce loop? It’s the last technic I want to learn in 3S!

just mash it