Yun's Hidden Buffs and Nerfs



I’mma add as I find them. Feel free to add your own or tell me if any from my list is incorrect.


There is more special/ultra cancelable frames after Ex.Upkicks (IE like U1 where you can lunge after it finishes). (sidenote: For AE, after you land you have to delay a bit before you U1 cos Yun is still in recovery. Too slow, opponent drops. Too fast, he goes over to the other side or Yun does nothing. It’s around 2frames to land it so it was deemed unreliable. For 2012, do U1 immediately upon landing. 100% hit. This also means it’s easier to land lp.lunge after EX.Upkicks)


Target Combo 2 ( b.hp) has lesser pushback on block ontop of the -6.

For some reason, EX.Lunge xx U1/lp.lunge doesn’t work anymore even in corner/the lunge is done close range.

Corner Palm xx U1 has a stricter timing because of change in recovery of the palm, at least 3frame leniency

Contrary to popular belief, FA crumple backdash palm still works but FA LVL 3 crumple backdash palm doesn’t.

(far/ xx) lp.shoulder pushes back more on hit/block so you can’t frametrap people with another xx lp.shoulder and oh let me add, Hp and Mp.Shoulders has lesser projectile invincibility (it may be the invincibility is only in the middle of the move now) ontop of the nerf NEW


This is true for a majority of the characters in the cast, but there are four characters in which this still works:

  • Cammy
  • Dhalsim
  • Deejay
  • Boxer

Though you can perform a backdash palm after a focus crumple, you cannot follow up with a second palm - this makes it pointless.

One thing to possibly note: the instant overhead with used to work on characters such as Abel and Boxer, but it seems like it doesn’t work for them anymore; it still works against large characters i.e. Sagat, T.Hawk. The hitbox probably got changed somewhat.


you can still focus the last hit of ultra 1, you just have to time the focus a little later


You forgot to add Rose to the list it also works on her.

And the palm thing is not pointless, it still works against specific characters.
Didnt test all of them but it worked on ryu,ken,akuma,sakura. And didnt work on cammy.
Instead of a double palm you just do a LP shoulder and HP lunge and you get 400dmg meterless and 590 stun.
(Full notation: FA lv3, backdash, HP palm(a bit delayed so the palm hits with the last active frames), LP shoulder, HP lunge.


I’m sure somebody already picked at it or maybe it hasn’t really been truly discovered it out of curiosity. Apparently, you’re able to combine Target Combo 1 into Target Combo 5. It does about 220 dmg from what I’ve seen. However, I could be very naive about it, I wasn’t able to do that before because hitting S.LP after Target combo 1 wasn’t really that easy to pull off, for me, at the time. OR maybe I just never tried it.


For one this isnt the best link due to scaling and its always possible because TC 1 ends with a Hard punch. Your better of linking cr MP BnBs


Okay, yeah I’ll keep practicing that out since cr. MP Bnb’s still work out for Yun. Though I noticed trying to do Upkicks after cr. MP bnb’s is just not connecting as it use to be. I mean, I see it working on characters with bigger hit boxes but it’s became obvious I can’t do it against characters with smaller hit boxes.


For upkicks: If there standing MK upkicks, if there crouching HK upkicks


Oh ok, thanks for the heads up. I never really had a chance to really try him out completely ever since the patch came out. Just went head in with what I knew and just tried to play with Yun and ignored his major nerfs. Then I realized that I like opening windows for my opponents to do dp’s constantly.


Not really, because in AE I used to do FA crumble backdash palm, light shoulder, medium divekick, light shoulder crossup into lp lk mp light shoulder, or go for the command grab. So if backdashpalm still works that’s very good news. You can also do backdash palm, light shoulder into light upkicks.

EDIT: So I tried to connect backdash palm into light shoulder and it doesn’t connect. So backdash palm is pretty useless now.


Neutral jump Hp was nerfed, i was using that and trade a lot now.

Palm mixups are gone?

I think you can still palm, st mk, dive kick mixup at corner.

Capcom should remove Yun and Yang from the game, both are totally sucks now.


What exactly were you trading with? Because HP in the air in general still seems pretty solid to me.
Palm mixups are still there, just not as powerful as before. You can do (in the corner of course) LV3 focus,palm,s.MP,light shoulder crossup into target combo or go for command grab.If you’re oppenent catches on to this you could do palm, mp into another palm or fake palm into command grab or do nothing and bait something out.
I think Yun is still pretty good overall. He’s just not braindead easy to use anymore. You can’t abuse divekicks and he does less damage.
I’m also loving the EX upkicks into U1 in the corner. And I don’t know if it worked in AE but his jump medium kick crosses up in the corner now. Comes in handy now that his divekick is ass unless spaced right.


Watch kazunoko play him vs Naruo, Nekojita and Itazan.

Then repeat that statement.


Trading against seth jump in hk, abel mk, ryu hk and another chars.

I almost never trade a single Nj Hp back in vanilla AE and now i dont think that’s a solid AA anymore :confused:

But still a option for AA…

And kazunoko drops yun for Seth and he was using yun just for show new Yun 2012

He ll never use yun at tourneys and i dont think yun is a character for tournaments anymore. A fun character to play,but not viable choose for winning.

Well…now we dont get hate mail just for using Yun and that was the best yun buff in Ae 2012 :stuck_out_tongue:


nj.HP is the same. That’s a problem with timing you’re having there.
I’ve been hitting nj.HP with no problems. It only trades or gets stuffed if mistimed.

Kazunoko dropped Yun for Seth.
Which in turn doesn’t translate into Yun not being tournament viable.

Yun is worse. Much worse.
But still a pretty good character. Just not braindead.

And kiddies don’t have the capacity to double tap a cr.jab after landing a divekick. They also mash upkicks and keep getting severely punished for it.
I’m having the time of my life using him. Even though I’m horrible and I’ve been losing the vast majority of games. But it has nothing to do with the character itself, but with me. I’m horrible with Seth as well, and he’s insanely good. Go figure.

Kazunoko, back in Vanilla, didn’t opt for a top tier. He didn’t swap to Seth because Seth is top tier. He swapped because it’s the same style he loves: rushdown.
Not okizeme heavy (akuma/ibuki/cvp), but crazy ass rushdown character.

Since Yun was softened, he decided to play Seth.

"(…) and he was using yun just for show new Yun 2012"
And?.. He beat them, didn’t he? Or were they letting him win?


My mistake on the backdash palm. I tested it and yeah, you can follow up with LP shoulder into whatever you choose. The timing on it is really funky, though.


You got it to connect in 2012?


i got it to connect as well. the timing is a little funnky (like crushingyen said) and so far ive been able to “somewhat” pull it off consistenlyt and hence i dont know if it works on all characters yet but so far i landed it on ryu. it kinda goes like this:
-lvl 3 crumple
-backdash immediately
-pause a little bit
-time the HP palm so it hits right when (or moreso a little after) when ryu drops to his knees
-LP shoulder, HP lunge punch.
if u got it then great! if i can find my camera ill try and post a vid up later


Yeah, I got it to connect. It’s at the point right before Ryu has his knees hit the ground during the crumple.

I am here:,-117.718955


I got it too work pretty consistently now. Although I can’t get the divekick to hit after the light shoulder. I don’t think it’s possible now with the height restriction nerf.