Yun's Standard Untechable Knockdown Options & FTs/Block Strings

Does anyone have a concise list of them? I know for a fact that Yun has a lot of options…although some could be highly preferred over others.

I’ve only started playing Yun recently and there’s only a few that I know of.
Divekick into blockstrings / FTs xxx Command Grab / Tick Grab
Palm into blockstrings / FTs xxx Command Grab / Tick Grab
Jabs into blockstrings / FTs xxx Command Grab / Tick Grab
Fake Palm into blockstrings xxx FTs / Command Grab / Tick Grab

A really great mixup I’ve seen is when Kindevu plays Mike Ross. He does blockstrings into fake palm, into ex command grab which sets up for nice damage. It uses up an ex meter though, which I personally dislike because this mindset is originally coming from a ryu player who loves to save his meter for super. Genei Jin is usually too good to pass up with unless it’s the final round and you need the ex. One last question for everyone: What would you say is Yun’s best blockstring?

My assumption is that it’s clk - clp - cmp - smp into options

The twins build meter in this game like it’s training mode with the refill option on. You’re not playing Ryu anymore, you’re playing a rushdown character. You’re going to build meter fast, and spending meter on EX command grab will most likely net half of that bar back afterwards anyways.

whats FTs??

I think he means frame traps.