Yunsung for the contest


Here’s my entry for SeanCarlos’s contest. Not my best, but not my worst shrug Pencil and Photoshop. Any and all comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged. :slight_smile:


Long time no post. When you do post you come in with a bang. Good structure and coloring. Good luck man I hope you get 1st or 2nd place dude.


Pretty pimp, looks like he’s contemplating on the next fight he is going to have or the next game he is going to suck in. Maybe he is thinking about the next small child he is going to touch with his crap shite hands. Sorry… I just think Yunsung is a dumb dummy dumb…

I seriously do like the pose though.

Here’s a poem about Yunsung

Yunsung is our man of the hour
He likes to sniff dung instead of a flower
He thinks he so hung but his dink is really dour
I bet he cries evertime he is in the shower…

I am a fucking genius… bow


Nice stuff. That composition definitely irks me, with the large area of negative space left over Yunsung, and him a bit too centered. Good colors and linework.


Thanks guys.

SFMC: Thanks, good to hear from that from someone so pimp at structure and coloring.

Gammon, that poem was so, poetic. I think it brought tears my my eyes. If you write a book of them, I’d like assist you in mass-marketing them to impressionable young minds.

UponThouFairCat: Yeah, I was a little concerned about the composition too. Originally, I actually left about 3 times as much negative space above him, so in that version he was off-center, and I liked how that looked. But the problem was that I’m not very good at painting clouds, so leaving so much space to them without rewarding the viewer with some damn nice clouds seemed a little odd. So I just cropped it, and now he is an awfully central figure :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well