Yuri Chekov bio

While we’re waitng for the next “season” of The Virus, here’s part one of a three-part background history on the fallen Illuminati commander, Yuri Prozkov. Trust me, he will fit very prominently into not just the virus but also the entire Necro and Effie storyline as it progresses.

The Biography of Yuri Mikhail Prozkov?Part One of Three

A patriot to his beloved Mother Russia, Yuri Mikhail Prozkov served both his country and his family without fault. A top ranking official in an undisclosed branch of Russian security, he was largely instrumental in the disbanding of the KGB dissidents and the capture of many top tier members of the Russian mafia. The time he was able to spend with his family was sparse but he made the most of every chance he had to do so. His wife, Anya and their young daughter were truly his pride and joy, if not his sole reasons for living and serving as reverently as he did. Unfortunately, his high success rate earned him as many enemies as it did honors.

One day, Yuri returned home from a particularly grueling mission to witness the worst horror imaginable to him. His beloved Anya lay horribly murdered on the floor and his precious daughter, who at age 6 had been suffering from a lethal illness, was missing. Beside himself with anguish, Yuri beseeched his employers for help in locating his child and learned two very shocking details.

First, the very government he would gladly have lain his life down for refused to spare him any assistance in finding his daughter. Worse yet, the murder/kidnapping of his family was the result of a botched setup sting to nab a high ranking member of a mysterious new faction viewed as an international threat, with Anya being killed and the girl being kidnapped by the lone member; bullets seemingly bounced off of his body when he was fired upon??

Furious at this betrayal that had cost him everything he held dear or considered worth fighting for, Yuri resigned his position and over the next few months, sank into a deep depression, during which he tried to drown his sorrows at various bars and brothels. During one of these forays, a mysterious woman named Kolin approached Yuri with information as to his daughter?s whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Yuri, Kolin was in fact a high ranking member of the same organization responsible for his child?s disappearance. Bitter and untrusting, Yuri at first resisted Kolin?s offers to join her ?organization,? the Illuminati, which she stated was trying to bring about a peaceful revolution in the world. Eventually, the need to have something to fight for, as well as the eagerness to learn of his daughter?s location and condition got the best of Yuri and he was brought before Kolin?s employer, Gill.

Following his induction, Yuri quickly grasped and maintained the Illuminati?s creed of peace, power, and perfection through flawlessness and strength without weakness. As before, he attained a high success rate and rose through the ranks to be surpassed only by Kolin and Gill in the chain of command. He was given a special task force at his disposal and found himself becoming more and more immersed within the Illuminati. Only the memories of his daughter, whom he still believed to be alive, remained as his sole link to his past life…