Yuri vs. Hibiki (Help needed)



I was in a small tourney the other day and I was using my team and I ended up fighting a guy using K-Hibiki, Yun, Haohmaru(2). His Hibiki smoked the shizz outta my Yuri. I couldn’t cross him up, I couldn’t zone him, poke him, or rush him down either. All I could do was build meter and CC, and nab the occasional hits via RC slap-'em-up and whatever I got lucky with. Still, he pretty much cut my options out and I felt pretty helpless. Granted Iori and Ken saved my day, I need some strats for A-Yuri vs. K-Hibiki.


I played the same guy today, and I did considerably better in this portion of the match-up. I still lost Yuri to Hibiki, but it was closer, and I still 0//||z0rz him with Iori. I’m gonna practice more RC half-circles, that’ll help. I think I should try to zone with Yuri also, she’s not bad at it.

My biggest complaint about Yuri is her lack of good wake-ups… :bluu:


That’s my biggest complaint about Hibiki :slight_smile:


I use Hibiki, and I think Yuri vs her is a horrible match-up because Hibiki can go super turtle on her ass and Yuri really can’t do much. I’ve been picking up Yuri for a while and roll cancelling helps her out big time. Wake-up 100 blows is too good, and it can be anti-air. Roll cancelled Yuri-upper is real good anti-air too. Dp motions are hard to RC tho. Yuri’s roundhouse is your friend against Hibiki, as it stuffs alot of shit, that move has alot of priority. I think it has more priority than Sakuras, but has less range. Did you know Yuri has jab, short, jab, uppercut like Sakura? Too good!:slight_smile: Cross-up, jab, fierce, Super Yuri uppers hurt:)


Thanks. Yeah, I RC 100 blows a lot (RC half-circles are too easy), and vs. Hibiki that’s too good. I haven’t really given her s.RH a chance though, because my opponent jabs a lot, so it just won’t happen. cr.RH seems to be fast enough I should mention. When Hibiki corners me, that’s where a lot of my trouble is. I also can’t seem to win out meeting her in the air unless I throw out j.short, which is trashy, but I have patience and if it works I won’t take it for granted.
Fortunately for me, his Hibiki seems to be getting a bit weaker, as I’ve been winning the match-up more.


If you block a slash, can you catch him with a 100 blows, cause I know a lot of characters can hit her, even if they get hit by Hibiki’s slash. If u use Yuri in anything other than A-groove, you should be able to catch him with a level 3 run-up-your-face-super.


Unless it’s RCed, there’s no way I can 100 blows that shit… her jabs are too fast. I’m just gonna try to corner trap the bitch and bust out j.RH, cr.jab, cs.RH -> hcb + RH [Activate CC] cr.RH, s.RH, hcb + RH x 3, qcf-hcb + kick

Take advantage of her lack of a true anti-air and then combo into the CC for a good 7000-7500 damage (I forgot). That’s half the battle. If I could land Yuri double uppers from midscreen, that’s always goin to the corner, so I just gotta keep out of the corner as much as I can. I figure if I can selectively poke with qcf + jab, s.RH, cr.forward, or whatever I can think of, and RC 100 blows for punishment, than I can stay out of the corner. Definately easier said than done, but I can settle for that.


Truthfully, I think your supposed to lose this match, so if you win your Yuri’s probaly very good. I never actually seen a good Yuri, or even a Yuri player period. I’ve been to several Houston regionals, Austin tournies, and I went to TS3. Not once did I see a Yuri player, which is why I decided to pick her up. That’s also why I picked up Kyo, because lotsa people think he sucks. But I also use Bison and Hibiki in my team. So I plan on Kyo/ Yuri/ Kim/ as a first character then Hibiki/ Bison (R2). I hate when I fight counter characters, like with Kyo, fighting a Hibiki or some shit. What do you think are Yuri’s worst matches. I know she has trouble versus top tiers, but who doesn’t:mad: . I know she can handle shotos, all the big characters except Honda, and some other characters. She is gonna be my first character, because usually the first character is a non-top tier, unless your fighting a bastard. I know Yuri can turtle good in this game and isn’t that crazy rush/trap character from CvS. She got toned down alot, just like Nakoruru, which is why no one really uses her. She still is good in my opinion, you just gotta have SKILL. I use N-groove by the way, which is a good groove for her, I think.

Note: Against Hibiki, go for big damage then turtle your ass off, that’s the way characters that can’t beat her straight up are supposed to do ( ex. Chun-li ).

P.S. I hate Vega. Sagat can burn in hell. Cammy is a bitchy barbie, Blanka is a green monkey, Bison is GOOD:) .


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My Yuri was already among the best, and now it’s gotten at least twice as good this past night. I found out how to beat the fuck out of Hibiki and Morrigan. Actually Morrigan is harder than Hibiki in the end. Sagat is nothing for Yuri!! :cool: :evil: Mad 1337 strats may be unveiled in the future.

The next step is beating RC Blanka… but I might be able to use some of the same stuff, hard to tell.