yuri vs sakura


Hey there guys

Working on a capcom vs snk 2 piece, Yuri vs Sakura. It’s a quick sketch for now, but it’d be great to get any crits or suggestions before I line and paint it. : ) Thanks ahead of time


Wow, impressive!

I have nothing to contribute to critiquing. Just complimenting.


yah looks good


hmmmm. the perspective gets a little lost going up towards sak’s head. it’s a little big so maybe shrink it a just a bit. also, to keep the illusion that things are getting smaller as we go farther up/back, try to keep an overall sense of things going towards the perspective point, so like sak’s leg, the lines end under her skirt going outward, instead of pointing to her head. adjust them slightly pointing inward, as to add to that illusion of perspective. that’s the main one i’ve found so far. when i look at it, my eyes wanna break from that illusion, ya know? it also builds up the action in the piece.

since it looks like sakura’s blocking yuri’s kick, you should reflect that in yuri’s face. it was kinda difficult to make out what’s going on between yuri’s foot and sak’s hand since it’s unfinished and since yuri’s busy smiling for the camera you lose some of that action and tension.

watch out for tangents and areas that are too close to each other, for instance the point where yuri’s thumb meets with her arm, and yuri’s braid almost touching her gi.

other than that you’ve got a potentially awesome looking composition. can’t wait to see everything colored. :slight_smile:


Love Yuri’s expression there, plus the sketch style.

Looking forward to see the colored version.


Good stuff. Can’t wait for the finished product.


Thanks for the kind comments, guys. And especially to you, Bland_Wolf, for your thorough crit. I didn’t notice all the things you pointed out, particularly concerning the perspective. I knew something was wrong, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Your suggestions I feel were spot on, so I’m implementing them into my corrections. Thanks!


thats a hot piece of a sketch brotha.


looks good, looking forward to the finished piece.