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Hiya. I can take up to two Avatar requests at a time for peeps. The one I’m currently using on SRK is my latest Fatal Frame II avatar. Anyways as far as my AV technique is…I have no clue as to use animation, motions, or on/off light flash so I’m unable to do those. Also I do not work on sprite avatars at all but everything else from anime, videogame CG, up to artwork works out very well.

I may be busy with other things in real life but most of the time I can finish most avatars within several hours up to a day depending on how busy I am. Anyone that want some avatars of Pirotess, (Record of Lodess War) I already have a couple that are done and one of them I recently finished is on this thread. Anyways holla at me here if ya want to request an avatar from me.



I WANT ONE, the same style as urs if posible… ill be very cool if u can! (going to use it a Month min.). And, can u post some of ur work please??? cause i want to learn ur style… ^^ also, dont u have made a tutorial or something? XD and where do u get those kanjis and all that cute little thing?.. thx 4 ur time, bye…


Sure I can create your avatar that is based on my Fatal Frame AV’s that I’ve been working on for quite some time.

Yeah I’ll post up some of my AV work that I have completed awhile ago plus I’m also creating another AV later on that is kind of based on Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors). The character design for Hattori Hanzo is extremely well done so I hope that I can sucessfully scan the pic cleanly.

Your AV will most likely be done by tomorrow. :wink:


Here you go psycore. It is kind of based on my Fatal Frame 2 avatars with both Mio and Maya sisters plus with the addition of two dragon heads with different eye colors. I hope you like the AV.



:slight_smile: BIG THX 2 U, I really like it!!!.. i hope i could learn ur style soon XD… thx again and hope u finish that av soon, bye…

PD: Do u have a site or something like that?


Unfortunately I don’t have my own website. My older brother and his wife however do have a website but it’s all mainly Otaku anime related even though they hardly watch anime anymore. I just finished the Hattori Hanzo (Sengoku Musou) AV. IMO it is not bad at all considering that I had to scan several pics from the limited edition artwork to pull it off.

I’ll post up my AV work very soon.


It’s fairly good, but, i think that the left pic needs more contrast and the right one should be a little bigger, also the kanji needs to be clearer. Btw, the idea of the bg is very ninjalike… and why dont u use some border (like a bambu or paper style)?.. anyway, u r the master here XD… gl and bye…

Edit: too bad that u dont have i site… u can chek out devianart to show ur work…



can u make the following really fancy?


thia one really trippy,?


Thanks for the input. I was messing around with the avatar and I scanned a couple more pics of Hanzo which might work out better then the avatar that I was testing with to see what happened. There are other tight characters besides Hanzo in Sengoku Musou so I might create a couple avatars to see how those turn out. Here are my old Iori and K’ avatars from a long time ago.

DruKen MoNkeY: Hiya. I’m sorry but I’m going to be busy heading out this week in which I won’t have much time to create your AV’s. I’ll try to see what I can do on Sunday since that is my only free day.