Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tokubetsuhen &YYH: Final

Hey all. Just wondering if anyone else plays these two great fighting games for the SNES. Final is more of a traditional fighting game while Toku takes a unique approach that IMO, requires more on strategy. If you do get it for the SNES, both games are in Japanese so I suggest heading to gamefaqs.com for a faq.

In any case, both are great, great games (I prefer Toku though :tup: )and just wanted to see if anyone else plays em. If your interested, hit me up and we’ll rumble on Z-Battle.

Genesis Yuu Yuu Hakusho rocks both of those for free.

FE keep this thread going im tired of playing against my friends kicking their ass with Hiei. so wat man r u going to post your favorite characters, and strategies? by da way im going to try to get on Z-Battle.

Hiei is the best on YYH Final, YYH2 for SNES, and yes boy dat genesis YYH went hard to the fullest but sadly u couldn’t beat Yusuke or Genkai they owned.

I never played the Genesis version of YYH but I’ll definately check that ish out right now.

I love Hiei on Final as he just has some nasty combos (I’ll post my favorites up later) but as I mentioned before, I’ll take Toku any day.

My team consists of Kurama, Toguro Otouto, and Itsuki in that order. After pounding my opponents senseless with Kurama and Toguro, I’ll bring out Itsuki and bust out UraOtoko Dimension (Up+Y). From there, I’ll do either Down + Y or Down + B followed by Down + A. It’s a good thing :slight_smile:

So yeah, I’m on Z-Battle as F_Edge. See you on there!

Hardcore truth. Makyo Toitsusen = Guardian Heroes-style 4-player ownage.

I really like the snes yuuyuu final, with mode 7 gfx. I wish they would make a game like it for the U.S.

Heh, you gotta love SNES anime fighters. Although I will admit I’m still a bit peeved at spending $70 on one of the DBZ Super Butoden games back in the day solely because EGM hyped it like it was the best thing since SF2. What the hell were they smoking?


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Man, I didn’t play Final in forever. I used to play that game hardcore, even though like 3 people played it back in the day.

I even started a faq for it over two years ago, but I gave up on it because I figured no one would care. The juggle system is random at times, but neat.

Hardcore Mukuro forever.

Didn’t I make fun of you once for playing YYH:Tokubetuhen on some random Z-Battle channel, once? If so…

Holy shit, hi.

Makyou Toitsusen is so awesome… The combo system and juggle specifics are really cool for such an old game… I’ve been playing it so much that I’ve found some really awesome character combos, and I think I have a tier list… Hahaha… I know, it’s sad.

I play Toku. I don’t like Final, since the game has EXTREME balance issues.

Yuusuke, Genkai and Younger Toguro are my main guys. Genkai to counter characters who use the increases concentration bar attacks, Yusuke to take advantage of the fast concentration, and Toguro as being all-around.

serious balance issues… damn… Hiei just rapes it up first turn unless you got a good magic counter against him.

and why play the gens version of YYH when you can just play the saturn version of Guardian Heroes?

I don’t remember, but if you did, its all good :smile:

And the Genesis game is actually pretty fun. Still though, I’ll take Toku over them all (including the PS2 version, YYH: Dark Tournament)

I love Itsuki in Toku. The fact that you can slow your opponent down and at the same time, speed you up is great. Not many people play with him though. Oh well, I’ll rock it with him till the bitter end.

There were zbattle tournaments on GFAQs. I didn’t come in 1st place. There were plenty of Itsuki users, but they were a little too predictable. Especially in trying to snag me into his dimension. . .never worked.
There were some crazy players in that tournament. I’m glad I got some competition with them.

I just downloaded Toku, and it seems very weird. Can someone explain how it works? It’s certainly not your normal fighting game.


All you need to know is right there :tup:

I’m connecting to my server right now i put in my ip, and told it to connect it is taking a long ass time what else do i need to do. or it just takes a while???

how is dark tournament for ps2 ne one tried it?

it sucks