YuYu Hakusho:Makyo Toitsusen

Didn’t see a thread for this so I thought I would make one.
I recently got into this game and I am loving the shit out of it! What are the tiers for this game? I like to use Yuuske, Genkai and the buff Toguro, but the weapon forming Toguro can be tricky.

4 player mode is so fun! had some buddies over and we had a blast with it, soooo broken!:lovin:

combos? strats? blah blah blah. discuss.


is that the game you’re talking about? if so, im sure no one here is going to have much of a response in reference to combos, strats, or even playing it at all.

I played Genkai all the time in this years ago.
I don’t exactly remember everything about it but when I tried it again recently the combo/juggle system felt a lot stricter than I remembered.
I’ll try it again soon because my main strat doesn’t go far beyond ‘Reikougan -> Strong uppercut move’ or ‘lose half life -> power up -> random combo into super’. It’s a pretty fun game.

BTW, Guardian Heroes and Bleach DS (2nd) share a very similar engine to this game if you wanna try some crazy vs mode action.

edit: It’s been a while but it looks like the “tactics” I posted don’t actually work like I thought. My bad. Just set up whatever you wanna do with a grab instead.

I played the rom on the computer with my brother in middle school(Went 2v2 against computer)

and that’s about all I know about it.

I wouldn’t play it again today quite honestly but it was alot of fun back then.

I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t a yu yu fan playing it either. At least not without 4 people

I played this game a couple times, it is really good. I might get this game whenever I do get myself a Genesis.

I advise you not to. its import only, region locked and silly expensive.

I have read that there are ways to play Genesis games with region lock, one of them being something like a Game-Genie etc. I think there is also a way to mod the console as well. Regarding the price, last I checked it couldn’t have been as expensive as Radiant Silvergun.

Man I used to play the shit out of this game. We had it running on a projector in my Intro to Media class in highschool, and everyone would just play it.

Fun game, but Iduno if anyone plays it seriously. Or ever did, for that matter.

This game is an OG classic, AMAZING. If i remember correctly I used to use some short ass guy with blonde hair and a short sword, cheap as hell

I liked these yuu yuu hakusho games much better:


I played them all the time about 10 years ago

I played this at my friends house a few times. It’s annoying when you face the wrong way when you attack :frowning:

I usually used Sensui.

Not sure about the tier’s but I usually win with these two

Genkai has the airthrow infinite
Elder Toguro’s throw -> taunt instant dizzies, add a crossed up super ftw

The game goes for around $80 these days, but used to fetch a lot more. Treasure games tend to hold a pretty high value among collectors. In order to play any imports on a US Genesis, just rip the top off your genesis. The only thing stopping you from playing imports on your NTSC genesis is shape of the cart slot. If you take the top off of your genesis, you can play JAP games.


Cool thanks man! I had a feeling that the Genesis was like the SNES. All I would have to do is take out the taps and I can play Super Famicom games on my Super Nintendo.

Yeah, Radiant Silvergun is still very expensive to get. When I do get a Genesis, I’ll find this game. Probably one of the best fighters on the system.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen is a lot of fun. I reviewed it on GameFAQs and gave it a high score. Well-deserved for a good effort from Treasure to recapture the feeling of a very kickass anime and put it into a 2D fighting game setting.

I find it funny that characters like Chu, Jin, Genkai, and Toguro (Younger) all feel a lot easier to use than the four heroes. I seem to use Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama quite often, but sadly, I’ve never played anyone online. I might could try going on Kaillera again and see if anyone is game.

Check this out: [media=youtube]SvsoMG_Ym2Y[/media]

Great game. Been playing it off and on since 07. Anyone know how to cancel special/supers? I checked around and found nothing.

Playing it again, didn’t realize how broken Yusuke and Chu were. They can link into super from just about any normal or jump in for easy 50% damage.

Think again. I played the shit outta Guardian Heroes’ arena mode, then found out MT was the precursor to the GH engine. Jumped ON that shit.

Indeed. Bleach, YYH, Guardian Heroes…it’s almost amazing that Treasure didn’t actually try their hand at the Vs. Fighting genre in the arcades and such. They could have possibly accomplished something with Sega’s help.

I’d love to see Treasure do a full on fighter. But who knows, maybe it’s too costly to develop an arcade fighter these days, and Naomi has been emulated so maybe they don’t see much of a financial incentive to do one.