[YZS] Sketch+CG Work

Continuing from where I left off from the S-C forums…creating the thread, to make sure it exists. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post something soon to get the ball rolling…

…and damn; I do hate those flash ads quite a bit.



Your style is pretty damn sick. Keep it up! :tup:

Heh and not to mention the bottom right person on the second pic (don’t know if it’s a guy or girl) kinda looks like me. :confused:

Uh oh mr Zakuta from snk has come here. Why did snk cap shut down? Redesigning or just shut down.

Anyways great pics so far. Some of you sketches remind me of Rooks. Maybe it’s the way you guys draw the whole character rather than cropping it in.

I was gonna say the same thing. Rook Usually posts pencil sketches too. Great poses. i like the way the lines all flow in together keep posting! And welcome to SRK!


SFMC yeah man them guys (SNK-cap)just close up shop- 2 years and a bit i think,…the busy schedules and eventually i guess couldnt keep it going oh well…

but yeah Zak your sketches do have a slight similarity to Rooks nice work on your Cg stuff as well…good to see you made it over here dude. :karate:

What’s this!? You and Rook’re twins! lol j/k. Yeah, it’s only because you draw the entire body in a sketched-out fashion, w/ alot of crosshatching to go alongside your outlines. It’s nice! I like how you give your women that round shape in the face… they really look asian. :tup: Nice work! Lookin forward to some CGs from’ya man.

actually, Zakuta can clean up his linework pretty damn nice, while rook struggles like hell to keep his pix relatively clean.

welcome to SRK fanart Zakuta :slight_smile:
Really like the saluting girl.

Cute. :tup:



Excellent pictures. All of them or very detailed and balanced.^

Whoa! Makes me wanna play “Move Me” from Ridge Racer 4. Nice painting, but I think you should try to smooth out your skin tones a bit to give her a softer look. For clothing it’s fine, though!