Z axis negative


Hi… i have the hori rap v hayabusa silent stick. one of the buttons is seen as z axis negative instead of digital button. i’d like to have ALL digital buttons on PC mode, is this possible? many thanks guys :slight_smile:


Are you sure it’s PC mode and not Xbox Mode?


Hi Dark. checked right now, my stick has ps4 ps3 and PC modes. i have another hori stick for xbox one and xbox 360 , xbox 360 mode is pc mode here on this other stick, basically. on this second stick if i remember right all buttons are registered as DIGITAL buttons, no z axis positive and negative here. could be a driver issue? can i fix it? and again, many thanks for helping me, guys :slight_smile:


In PS4 mode, the triggers in work as both digital buttons, AND as Z-axis +/-, at the same time.
What is this a problem for? Are you running into issues when actually gaming?


it’s just that i want to play on pc mode on my ps4/ps3/pc rap v hayabusa silent hori stick, just that. maybe should i try something like XBCD drivers?? thanks again.


in addition, i do not usually use 3p 3k binds, but let’s say i’d like to play a game that has more than 6 buttons to play (let’s say 8) , on this case i could not play well because R2 and L2 are z axis and i think you already know that if you try to press BOTH at the SAME TIME nothing happens because one button nullifies the other one. i hope i explained well the problem with my poor english :slight_smile:


I dunno about PC mode myself.

But in PS4 mode, the triggers activate BOTH their respective digital buttons (buttons 7 and 8 on a PC) AND the Z-axis.
So it still shouldn’t matter.

Unless you have a game where the Z-axis is used.

Also, have you run into any actual problems with gaming? Or are you just asking ahead of time because you’re worried ahead of time?


nope, no actual problems with gaming so far , i mostly play on the FightCade program, but i also want to play on Steam sometimes, i’d like to play on pc mode because on steam B button is B button, Y button is Y button and so on. i only play fighting games , anyway . don’t remember about steam exactly on the z axis issue but on fightcade R2 is seen as z axis negative.
but again, maybe it’s just a minor gripe and not a real issue at all.