Z-Net I – The Zbattle replacement


I posted about this back in may, but I guess it was in the wrong section and it was never moved here so here’s to another try!

  *Z-Net I is pretty much a direct clone of Zbattle, and since that doesn't seem to exist anymore, I thought it would be nice to let you guys know about this :D*




Getting Started:
·[FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT]Download the client and zsnes here:
** **http://z-net.cu.cc/Download.php

Things to Note:
·*[FONT=Times New Roman] *[/FONT]Please look over and follow the rules, because they are in place to help the community grow and thrive. http://z-net.cu.cc/Rules.php

· Even though this Project is a clone of zbattle, it is still in the beta stage so there will be bugs and if you happen to find them please post in the bug report forum so they can be fixed!

·*[FONT=Times New Roman] *[/FONT]Currently the server is only live when there is a moderator present, and at this moment moderators are still being recruited. So be patient if the server is down.