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Why would I talk shit to someone that’s much better than me? Everyone knows you’re a beast. You played my friend a couple of months ago in casuals, and even though he’s just barely a solid player, he was telling me he thought he was on par with you. So you must have been giving him games to set up that hustle, just like you’re trying to hustle me now. But I don’t base my self worth on how well I can play marvel, or other peoples worth either. So lets just leave it at that.


Your such a little bitch fanatiq, after all that ducing you where doing not trying to play me, now you challengeing everyone else and they momma. Man your a scary little bald head bitch. NIgga you kind of remind me of the million dollar mans homie VIrgil a ha hah ha ha hah ha hah ha hah.


OH and if no one knows who VIRGIL is take a look at this shit this is fanatiq lol. [media=youtube]hIlkrWws4DY[/media]


wow. you had free money against fanatiq and you gonna throw it away? don’t back out now


Im actually still interested in seeing a money match between Baby Wolverine vs Fanatiq. Just something to think about bw. He is playing on stick so it should be free money and its not like you have to run it back on pad…


Yo, you can’t blame this shit on him. You straight up instigated this and now you’re acting like it’s all his fault. Your first post was saying “I talk shit about him, but it’s cool cuz he’s my boy!”…except he’s not your boy so it obviously isn’t cool. Did he go overboard? Possibly, but if you’re on videos yelling “nigga” (which I seem to recall hearing as well) then you really can’t take the high road just because he called you out, especially when you admit that you’ve been straight up talking shit about him. I’m not a fan of fanatiq at all, but it’s pretty obvious that you were both in the wrong so don’t try to flip it like this isn’t your fault at all.


I have never talked shit about Fanatiq on a personal level. It has always been shit talk about marvel. In addition. I have never talked marvel shit behind his back, it was in his presence when we played at evolution and when he was playing toan.

Secondly I had no problem when Fanatiq called me a nigga the first time considering I didn’t know what context he was using it in. I have used it in the past vs Brandon but he knew I didn’t mean anything racist by it. But online I have no idea what q person means so I asked Fanatiq politely not to call me it again. I am offended he ignored that request and that is why I consider it personal now.


if there’s beef, I got cheese…to bet


yo Preppy, what happened to the evo2k9 japanese casuals? Can’t find em on your site


yeah man shit will be tight! ur too fucking sick now . I don’t think I played any casuals at WCW but I was watching u beast on fools. MAN U NEVER GOT UP LOL u played hella long sesh, love the work ethic I just can’t do it anymore. Always a pleasure to see the homies :]!

beats : yup!!! =]


Catigs You sound Like a bitch No offense, Is this what happens when i leave the scene U guys get all fucking Soft Like fresh baked muffins and shit. So If u won’t Play Fagnatiq I will First to 7 Name ur Amount. Also I wanna Play Neo First to 7 also and Ruin ur The Fucking man!


you went to a scene thats softer then any other scene ive ever witnessed before, come back home and bring back that non stop shit talking asshole who entertained us for all those years, LETS GET THE MONEY FLOWIN ERIK!


They’re here:

People squirreling away videos on my site is weird to me too. :smile:


erikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk =}!


Not knocking anyones hustle but now we have a legitimate Match with real history! On another note Justin is West Coast now…stay tuned!


hey fugee did you make the marvel cd with the matrix song on it and the and there is a rap song on it.


whats good Mike, if its “Born to Roll” by masta ace on the factory stage then yea thats me


That’s your Evo2k7 mix correct? I’d wanna make sure I actually have that labeled correctly.


Fugee when you gonna release the info on Seasons Beatings 5 and create the thread? I seen that blog from ghaleon but it didnt say specifics. Was needing to know so I could fit it in my schedule…

Also, I like smooth viper over fanatiq. Any fanatiq lovers want to take my bet? This should be a Seasons Beatings 5 Mvc2 Classic…