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Yep, it’s truly him. Since we’re on da subject. Hey Fugee, on of the mixes of Season Beatings 3 in the factory stage, do u have any idea what this song is?? I’ll have it link.

SB3 Factory Stage Beat


i like fanatiq for a hundred look me up at evo i will be rolling with neo…


link is 404’d

ABK – we’re gonna announce when we have a trailer + events confirmed. I’m trying by the end of April to have everything ready. It will be around the same time as last year


Fanatiq was sad that he was banned so asked Wiz about it (as opposed to me?), so I told Wiz I’m OK with unbanning Fanatiq so long as it stays game-centric and NOT personal-attack-centric. This rule goes for everybody. If you really feel the need to prove the John Gabriel Greater Internet Dickwad Theory (online + average person = total dickwad), do it someplace else. Attacking people online is pretty lame to me. But then again: check the video in my signature. Maybe I shouldn’t be judging. :wink:


Hey how you been man long time no hear havent seen you on aim in quite a while anyways, I would like to know the name of the song on the training stage of that mix


Nick are you referring to this track [media=youtube]8b6udfscs8A&feature=related?[/media] if so its the End credits from Predator 2

ABK- What Ghaleon said

Donut - EVO2K7 is correct

Mike- yea Ive been MIA for a min but Ive been good. I believe the training stage music is from the Jungle stage on Tekken 4 look it up on youtube to confirm.


Thanks alot brotha take care man


The champ is here I wanna crack at some titans Justin? Yipes? Chris S? where they ATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!


Yo, I want to play you low tier. Whats your team?

@ Ghaleon and Fugee: Sounds good. I want to start building the hype so the sooner the better. Both of you get at me cause I got some ideas for sb5 :]


Nick are you referring to this track [media=youtube]8b6udfscs8A&feature=related?[/media] if so its the End credits from Predator 2

Uh… No, that’s not it. That’s “Sentinel Music,” I’d can find that in a heartbeat. Here’s the link. It’s confirm.

SB3 Factory Stage Beat


LOL!!! sanford comes in talking about he wants to play titans, here comes ABK




To be real, me and sanford was suppose to play at seasons beatings 4 but he was tired so I respected that! I just want to test the waters on that thanos ive been hearing so much about. Iceman vs Thanos. Lets GO!


cool cool, we gotta get that run back of u vs the hawaiian girls son! Let’s get it!


ROFLLL I wont be set up like that again. If I see them in tournament, I want they msp. Hopefully they wont scrub me out with cable like they did last time:shake:…


[ ] scrubbed out

[x] owned



[ ] scrubbed out

[x] owned



What can you do if somebody brings a gun to a street fight. I mean I bodied they msp FRAY with guile/iceman and then they go cable. What can i do?

[x] Get chipped to death and lose

[ ] Nothing!



U better not ever pick that team against MY MSP!

Nick can you link to a match with the track youre inquiring about? cant open that file here at work


that’s the roughest iceman online. real talk that launcher is huge, it’s as tall as sentinel


street fight? :] were playing marvel not sf4, i don’t think in many street fights u run into a man made of ice who can shoot waves of ice. :stuck_out_tongue: