video thread


His funky launcher is one of my favorite sprites in the game. That plus the mini snowball attack. XD


It’s under Preppy’s website/Index. There aren’t any matches with the track on it, but I can guide you where the song is.
1.Index/Palettes/Old Stuff
2. Download the file - Geronimo’s MvC2 Mixes
3. After download, the song is under "SBIII MvC2 mix #1 Data"
4. The rest is easy.


Lets set up a set at sb5. Your msp vs team G.I.S/Guile/Iceman/Sent. Im cool with fighting on the undercard if thats cool with you. Just let me know how much you want to play for and we can start negotiations asap…

Thanks man. I play you online alot. You solid man:tup: You should start going to tournaments. I know you would place high :]

Lol thats true. Im just saying why people have to go cable after they lose to guile/iceman? There low tier and considered trash compared to the gods…


cause why not? lol


ABK: thanks, same to you. there are no more marvel tournaments in canada though. It’s just me and the xvsf crew who play for fun.

and on that note

anyone wanna bet it at xvsf at evo?


Because you’ve got SENTINEL. You can’t throw a god character on a random team and call it low tier because it’s not. Not even close. Sentinel bodies MSP for free by himself once one of them dies and you know it.


Cable can’t chip iceman?


Grenades and sent assist still chip.


Iceman is only immune to beam-type chip, for the most part. Everything else like Sent normals/drones, bullets, rocks, etc gets chippy


You going to evo this year? Also, I know megaman ds plays that game hardcore and was looking for some mm. Ill ask him and see if he wants in on it so we can set something up…

Lets make some things clear, guile/iceman aint no random team. Ive been playing that team for 8+ years. My 1st 2 years of marvel I was playing hayoto. If its low tier, i can use guile/iceman/any other low tier character! I only use sent when people use the GODS. Trust me, i dont need sent to get the job done if its LOW TIER. I beat peoples mss with guile/iceman/akuma. But then afterwards they go cable, super lameeee…


Are you really gonna die from getting chipped by nades and drones? You know how many nades and drones you can block? That’s just a ridiculous statement. This isn’t strider doom.

I’m not saying iceman guile beats cable sentinel. I’m just saying if you are dying from being completely chipped. That’s A LOT of chip.


Hayato has a nice beast mode when you’re good with him. :tup:


Oh, Fugee. I’d completely forgot. Do u have any idea what this song is (Actually, 2. Cause, there’s also another song that I’m curious about, it’s start at the beginning of the match)? You had this song back in Evo2k6 & Season Beatings 3 on the (same) Ice Stage. Here’s the link.

[matches/Evolution/evo2k6/evo vegas/money matches and casual/19c MM Chris Schmidt (4W MSS,MCS) vs X (5W SSCC).wmv](matches/Evolution/evo2k6/evo vegas/money matches and casual/19c MM Chris Schmidt (4W MSS,MCS) vs X (5W SSCC).wmv)

00:07 & 16:07.


rick james vs ABK at evo?? :slight_smile: I’ll give abk 5:1 odds and I’ll back rick james. Nades baybeh!!!


That sounds fun. ruin, put me down for $50 on ABK. Iceman FTLOL.


i like rj for a bill


I got 50 on rick james


I’ll play any iceman guile player for any amount, the og mm playa is hurr


kingairbrush (10: 15:43 PM): Guile/Iceman/Sent
Ruin (10:16:16 PM): u dont find it a little odd
Ruin (10:16:18 PM): that u want him to use a team
Ruin (10:16:19 PM): u pick
Ruin (10:16:24 PM): u specifically ask for MSP
Ruin (10:16:29 PM): so ur saying thats a team u feel comfortable vs
Ruin (10:16:31 PM): thats so stupid
Ruin (10:16:37 PM): i know u aint that stupid to think that
kingairbrush (10:16:39 PM): YES!


Ruin such a SNITCH! lol Anyways i dont want this to turn into Team GIS vs everybodys MSP. Im was just stating facts in my early posts. Ill play rick james or any cali players in low tier anyday. Already got TRU on my list. Anybody else?