video thread


Low tier? You have sentinel… Can I use sentinel too?


that was Demon Hyos mix from 06. track 00:07 he would have to answer but I know that 16:07 is “Get out of My life” from Paul Oakenfold Swordfish soundtrack.

ABK I like that match all day, We’ll talk.


Ohhhh!!! Crazy Match All Day!!! I’ll keep an eye on some of the old soundtracks, cause I’d know most of the Evo2k6 mix anyhow. Thanx for that request Fugee.


of course, everyone knows that picking sentinel with launcher assist makes him low tier

why else would he be on GIS


I dont need sent so no. Pick your low tier team. Mines is guile/iceman/whatever character that is low tier?

Sounds good. Let me know…


LOL. I actually don’t ever play low tier. I played a few games against you awhile back with ruby iceman doom. Not really a low tier team. If you want to play me for money, I should be at EVO. Nothing big, but if you want to play for some change let me know.


I will gladly play that team. “2 easy”. Just let me know how much…




Someone mentioned this running on the “lost planet” engine. Lost planet is a 3d third person shooter. WTF were they talking about?


Yo arthur, just wanted to say you blew things waaaay out of proportion. I heard you say Nigga to like 3 different marvel players before, so to then change it up and say for me not to call you that was absurd imo. Then to mention that you were’t sure if I meant it in the racist way was even more absurd. newayz, I wasn’t truly trying to offend you, but that was the 2nd time you “directed” me in speech, and I refuse (whether it means cutting off money or not) to just shut up becaue someone said so. That being said if you don’t wanna play me for using the “n word” thats fine, but if you can put that aside lemme know terms and lets get it poppin before mvc3 sucks balls and destroys marvel.


^-- Get the fuck out of this thread. You asked me to take you to court in real life. You have zero business in this thread.


for apologizing and saying he wasn’t offending him? why you being so hostile?


Yeah, I’d know. It’s about time 2.


No, my words were pretty exact. This is between him and myself and has naught to do with anyone else.

I agree it doesn’t make sense, but: you can talk to him about that.


Given that a previously planned 3 on 3 may now not happen in August in Texas, I am posting it on this thread with the hopes that it goes down at EVO in a single(s) team tournament:

I would like to propose a 3 on 3 between myself, Chunksta and Fanatiq Vs. Josh360, Desmond and Babywolverine for anywhere from 1.0K to 1.5K (per person, so 3-4.5K per team). We could do it for something smaller (like 500.00 per person, 1.5K per team), just throwing some ideas out there but mainly, I’m looking to see if Josh, Desmond and BabyWolverine would be up for this at Evo. No Beef/Drama, just high level marvel for considerable stakes:

Let’s give Marvel 2 some hype before Mvc3

What say you New york?


I’ll play you first to 10 for $100 (both using stick) and I’ll play Neo first to 10 for $100.

I’m not really interested in playing a team tournament, but if you all really insist I’ll put another $100 on that.


Ok. I accept. First to 10 for 100.00 (200.00 total) at EVO. Since I like you (no homo), I can’t talk smack! :lovin:


Confidential memo to sociopaths

[details=Spoiler]I don’t run my site to be ripped off in any capacity. If you want to keep crying to others as you abuse me, I’m perfectly willing to delete this thread and/or shut down my site.

There is no possible way you can “win” through attempting to abuse me. Fuck you.

If you want to have a positive relationship with me, TRY HAVING A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH ME as opposed to being a fucking sociopath.

I’ve got way better things to do with my time than to have you try to weasel your way towards being abusive towards me and yet at the same time trying to benefit from me. Grow the fuck up.

You’re a sterling example of Christian-on-paper. You act like it’s a checkbox as opposed to a way of relating to others. Everytime you’ve mentioned it, I’ve felt revolted and am glad that I choose to show the kind of person that I am via my hopefully positive action towards others as opposed to just claiming that some random terms defend my abusive actions.[/details]


Trivia: the site has been around since August 31, 2004.

That’s a pretty good run.

I’ll be putting up three random hours or so of tapes probably next weekend.


Thanks for unbanning me.

Erase Your mind… to get rid of the Echo’s That other’s leave behind.

Creature’s of higher intelligence are not influenced by outside forces.

Your smarter than that dude… Stop giving people your power… www.ignore a bitch com.:coffee:

I’m sorry for rattling your chain in the past… Peace.:cybot:

BTW SRK should pay u like Chris hu.