video thread


I want to see fanatiq vs erik pt 2 =)
and smooth vs cable guy pt 3, the final chapter


smooth is erik…


man i feel old now.


are you fucking serious?!! I didn’t know that! Thanks for clearing that up!
I wonder who this guy mr clips is now. I heard he scrapped cableguy the 1st time they met.
But the 2nd time was a little different. [media=youtube]7tbOrgnl_P4"[/media]


Oops, I forgot I posted on this thread. Maybe I was not clear. I said I do not play low tier. I never said I would MM anyone with low tier. If you want a real match let me know. Thanks. I’m assuming the answer is no.


thanks for all the vids preppy. random shit

and i wish yipes played row more often. i love his row play



here is some on crack crack. Five cups of coffee and chillin with the Messiah187.

Enjoy. thanks to sir web slinger for letting me borrow his xbox. You sir, are bomb.


I WONNA SEE JWONG VS DUC at evo this year


Whats good everybody. Its that time again! is making history once again with Neo Vs Golden nz at Evo 2010 for 20,000$. I told everybody, “It pays to play mvc2”. Make sure you have front row seats for this fight cause it will be SICK! If anybody wants to bet on golden nz, let me know so I can take that bet! Network Flyer–>

Printable Flyer–>

There will be more money matches but Im not going to give it all away. See everyone this year at Evo 2010. Mvc2 4 Life…


Hope those guys are already financially set, since 20k is outrageous

That’s me, y’all. wewt.


Diciembre 2009 Casuals Argentina - Buenos Aires


Dont know about golden nz being financially set cause once he loses that money, he will be broke!

Is anybody from argentina going to evo this year?


there is no money for the trip :frowning: XD


Argentina marvel players? awesome.


hi where I can download mixes
Seasons Beatings 2,3
or other mixtures?
ready for burning on CD
thanks =)


That seems like a question that could get you banned. =\


I miss the good ol days of downloading new updated
(dreamcast version\arcade)marvel vids at preppys site with top tier play.

now everything is all PSN\XBL uploaded to youtube

= /


haMM, so true. But are there any recent vids of YOU?!?!?!


March 2010
Mvc2 Soundtracks Nice

Play List


Yeah the only fix I get for marvel videos come from striderzer0 and the crew at FFA. Sadly they use Justin tv and streaming those videos via iPhone is almost impossible. My only gripe is that the quality isn’t too good because it’s being streamed.

Preppys site is the only way to get videos