video thread


I’d just found the song for the Clock Tower in SB3. It was on the the Insterstate Soundtrack that I download over a month ago. I was cleaning out my hard drive and boom, there was the song… Enjoy.



i’ve been trying to find this one for a while, you can barely hear it. its at 9:40 where you can really hear it for a bit. Sounds like some 80’s shit. [media=youtube]-1Pb27Cd7ss[/media]



we’ve wondering that shit for so long merdoc. the MI crew just never told us what it is (it’s their mix)

wipeout always has some beast music


yeah man, it sucks. yeah wipe out music is pretty epics.


You know, I’d been trying to find this video, thanx!!! I was also curious for a while what was the song in the cave stage. You can only hear it in about 15 seconds the hold time of the whole match (But it’s not Wipe out track) (Believe me). Sounds like it’s from an Anime Soundtrack or something. I can’t say. I’m just guessing.


mr. StriderZer0, I need Arthur’s hype after making top 8 to live right now, when you get a chance. :]


OK i just uploaded [media=youtube]rJEX1mekxGs"[/media]


^^^^ Thanks. SO GOOD.



lol holy shit!!!

king arthur in this batch

get hyppeeeee ughhhhhhhhh


here is my evo 2k10 pool footage
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Thanks for the footage :tup:, did you also record the MM’s that went down?


Thank you.


what happened to my hero smoothviper??? Josh Wigfall??? Was Mike Infinite there??? Chris Schmidt??


I didn’t see Josh or Mike. Chris was in Vegas but didn’t play, as far as I know.

edit: whoops, Regency Rob beat SmoothViper:


I’m pretty sure Josh was there. Yeah Chris didn’t play, was hating on the Playstation version and said he needed time back in the lab before he played again


Dunno if anyone can answer the ? To this but when is seasons beatings this year? What main events be tbere ? Will marvel be played on dc


Should be on October again and from the last thing I heard yeah it will be played on dc. Still waiting for an announcement from fugee.


Yup, our announcement is coming soon. Marvel DC for life btw.


Funny clip. I would did the same thing if I’d made top 8 as well :slight_smile:


^yeah i was about to ask, any footage of the hotel room MM’s?

edit: oops didnt quote the post i ment to point at :frowning: