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ya did nething go down at the salty suite?


idk, i just heard major MM’s went on sunday night after the finals


only 3 big things happened for marvel and strider zero DOES have footage

  1. Chunksta vs Fanatiq
  • 1st set went to Fanatiq 10-8
  • 2nd set went to Chunk 7-4 ??
  • 3rd set went to Chunk 10-7 ??
  • 4th set went to Chunk 10-1
  1. Sanford vs Fanatiq, Neo, Crhis Shmidt and Chunksta
    This event was a tag team, any of the 4 players on team West Coast can play and switch off any time, win or lose. The only stipulation was each player must play 2 matches.

Chris went first and got 4 wins for Team West and lost 1 game.
Neo went second and won 1 game and then lost his 2nd game
Fanatiq went and won 2 and lost 1 game.
Chunk went last and won 3 and lost 1 game

Final score was 10-4, Team West Coast wins

  1. Event 3 was a 6 man tournament. It included Neo, Chris S., Matrix, Fanatiq, Yipes and Chunksta

1st - Neo
2nd - Chris S
3rd - Yipes


^gdlk. who recorded?


uhh the first line in that post…


it was on DC right?

striderzer0, thanks for the vids.


Yeah it was on DC.


thanks for the results Megaman DS <3


Mvc2 Money match is up now


How much of the money was actually Sanfords? Who chipped in? I cant believe I missed this.


Im not sure it any of the players had money on the line. I believe most of it was hevad for team west and CJ and justbmadness for sanford. This would have been pretty easy to miss cause it was 3am on the monday after the evo finals


Thank you sir… I see the dood in the back in plaid. you owe me $80…


I believe it was $24k by hevad and justbemadness, and a bunch of small sidebets. Apparently this guy made a bunch of smaller $20-$100 bets with multiple people and took off when it was 9-4 and never paid anyone. Luckily, my bet was secure was someone more trustworthy.

EDIT: Ryder yes S|Z, that was his name! I guess I was mistaken about leaving right before it ended. I guess no one caught him as he left


FYC Ryder was there till the end and left as every one got up


thanks for the vids striderze0

Chris Schimdt is a monster, he should have entered evo…who came up with the crazy stipulations?


24k Money Match was extra hype. Seems like Sanford was having trouble tryna download all those guys’ styles, but still. Here’s hoping more crazy marvel shit next major.


Hevad Khan’s MvC2 Showdown of Champions(7-12-2010)


damn none of my heros in the top. Was Soomighty out there? Genghis???

Damn maybe the old dogs all quit


Thanks for the vids Strider :wink:

huge LOL @ Ricky Martin on the custom mix.


Thanks for the vids.

The mix used for those matches is GDLK!

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