video thread


^strongly disagree. infact, it’s probably the worst mix I’ve ever heard, and ruins the videos imo


Nah. I dig the Desert & da the Pirate Stage (Fight to Survive!!!) Some I’d know, some I’d didn’t, but I’d give the mix a 7.5 because of the colors (Colors are GODLIKE!!!)


soo didn’t go, genghis was upset about his loss in SSF4 so he forfeited his match to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did Hevad pick the people in this? Or was there like a big entry fee they had to pay?


As a random aside, it was pointed out a while ago that large chunks of MvC2 (and the rest of the Vs series and a lot of many things until SF4) are nearly direct usage of the ST game engine. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but that should explain many of the shared oddities between the engines.


Further proof that Marvel is now the new ST.

Yoga Book Hype-sauce ?

I’m still waiting for MvC2: Rainbow.

Every character has a trijump, Gief gets a jetpack and an AK and Magneto just comes in and Roms you for an assist.


tear in eye


Who is the best Cable to watch?


Early on: Sin, Rattana, Genghis, anybody from Philly, Potter
Later on: Row, Smoothviper, Sanford, Yipes

edit: per beats’ good calls


potter, sanford, yipes IMO

(these would just be additions to Preppy’s post)


Zach: Any new videos coming soon? it’s been a few months since you posted new content:confused:. thanks:china:.


Old: Rowtron

New: Sanford

Sanford’s Scrub revitalized the team dynamics singlehandedly.


[media=youtube]JDqHmc9jO58#t=05m52s[/media] < 5:52 anybody know the song that’s playing? Or whose mix is being used. Thanks.


Potters Scrub was The toppest of tiers this year, dude shot errbody.


No Duc?


d’oh! forgot…but he’s sorta before my time and what I mainly know about him is that beastly spiral


Sanford has a very good cable and a great scrub in general. Same goes for Potter and the other mentioned players. But in terms of the mechanics of the character “cable,” Cableguy from norcal is very much up there, really up there I would say. That dude does amazing things with that character.


Quickening - DJ Taka

I know cuz it’s from IIDX, and the fact that i made that mix. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, anyone know what song is this one? [media=youtube]Fzk96a95I3U&t=37s[/media]


Duc is the only person I ever saw that push block Sent drones and super with cable


Haha thanks eidrian =P and the song there is called A Continental Gale from Soul Blades Khan Super Session soundtrack.