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Thanks so much!



i actually started working on that a while back but i didn’t make much progress since i kind of got kicked out of my parents house and i had to get a job and shit
(i do have the expertise though)


If you ever decide to pick up the project again, let me know, i’d love to contribute some ideas if possible.

Shoultz and myself have quite a few ideas about the concept.


Damn. If you need a mix on DC, I can help you out with that. Hey Mixup, I’d like to see those ideas you been talking about next week.


hey, just wanted to thank you, now that MvC3 is around the corner I was itching to see those matches again.


I dusted out my old Optura and found about an hour of random XBLA footage. Capturing that now…


SoCal M v C 2 matches
YouTube - levelupseries’s Channel
Only 3 up





Holiday bonus from SRK for SRK Premium members:

The URL itself should tell you a lot about what that might be. :lol: Sign up for a year of Premium if you want access: it’s a thank you from Wiz. :tup:


Oh no way! Love to hear more about what you kind of tinkering you were doing.


Hey where do I find the full set of Justin Wong vs DP (Low Tier) money match?

#5851 Evo
scroll down
Ruby full match.


hey what the fuck is up with that team beast iron man video on prepys site? is that a joke or is that suppose a real combo vidoe?



  • [media=youtube]knoyvBpl_A8[/media]


Not available?




Exactly. :lol:

Or something similar.

I told you guys years ago that YouTube was a horrible plan. “Don’t be Evil” – until we’ve killed off most of the rest of the community. :slight_smile:


I miss you preppy, real talk lol


I still got the vid on my HDD, Zach :tup: but that had my ROFLMAO

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@Master Chibi: This is exactly why I go to Evo: so many people that I haven’t seen in forever and a day. :frowning:

@RoTeNdO: Oh yeah, I still have it and it’s still on my site: I just thought it hilarious/interesting to call them out on the censorship here. It makes me want to look up my posts from eight years ago about YouTube being nasty and evil. :lol:


Hmm… I have to go through my videos and see if any of those have been canned.

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