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You get a notice: it simply doesn’t have any indication of why. You probably have seen that video: it’s hilarious to think it violates anything at all. :slight_smile:


fuck this thread is depressing. I miss mvc2!!! No game will ever be as fun to play at high level.


I randomly got ahold of the B4 tapes… will check to see what’s on them vs the 32m of ST footage I have up from them…


Anybody know what this:

  • - North East Championships/NEC4/WF Justin (W MSC,SSCyke) vs Sanford (3W MSP).wmv
    is from? You can see the background at 8:21. It’s filmed by Isaac Graham, was encoded (not filmed) Dec 9, 2003, it’s winner’s finals, and Sanford wins 3-1 with MSP over Justin’s Team Row and Matrix with Justin’s stick flaking out a couple times. :wtf:

edit: updated URL


90% sure it was at NEC, don’t know which year tho. I don’t remember when they switched to console version.


we love you Preppy!


And likewise. :slight_smile:

Ah-ha, very good eye: that’s gotta be from NEC4 then - checking the other two NEC4 videos I have, they have almost identical creation timestamps. Well, I found that thanks to a friend. Nice memory. :slight_smile:

  • [NEC4/WF Justin (W MSC,SSCyke) vs Sanford (3W MSP).wmv](‘ - North East Championships/NEC4/WF Justin (W MSC,SSCyke) vs Sanford (3W MSP).wmv’)


Randomly found a bunch of old CvS2 videos:


My vids are still too large to upload to youtube, lol.



I love this thread, it still feels like it’s 2005 with all the names! Preppy, this weekend I was just wondering what you’ve been up to lol. Keep holding the glory days down, thanks for keeping up on vids.


<3 preppy and rotendo


Hi Preppy love the site. Any new footage on the B4 tapes you got a hold of? I’ve looked at the ST stuff you’ve had on there and was wondering if there was anything new. Thanks!


They’re in my car right now. Soon. :slight_smile:


Preppy: Going to EVO this year?


Hell yeah. It’s always good to see everybody. =]


Sup preppy, long time no see!(7, 8 years?)
After an internet shortage I found LOTS of your stuff (2005, 2004 maybe? don’t have the real dates) in old hard drives I had lying around and found and uploaded to youtube the Justin low tier money match(400MB file) giving you full credit for it, here it is:
[media=youtube]YO6Zi1VguVo[/media] (lol)
Just wanted to know if you had anything to do with it and if you did just wanted to tell you sorry, I didn’t read your site beforehand, was just too excited about my findings and wanted to share them. Hell, I didn’t know your site was still up, congrats! I had to shelve my site(the “servebeer”, I don’t know if you remember it) some years ago :frowning:

Well man I hope life is treating you well, great to hear you’re going to evo, have a blast! If there’s a little miracle I might go too. Cya around and much <3!


The URL doesn’t work… ?

Thanks. Production tapered off when I ran my cameras into the ground. I’ve been slowly recording here and there, but – there’s already tons of other people doing an excellent job these days. :tup:


I got a copyright infringement notice from youtube and the video was taken down. They say I need your written permission to upload it, giving you full credit on the title/description is not enough. If you want I can try again tho, I have LOTS of your old stuff I wanted to share :frowning:

Yeah, it’s great to be a stream monster these days! Still, mad props to you man!


That’s weird. That wasn’t me: maybe some autoscript on their side?

Yeah, I have my own YouTube channel and prefer to host my stuff there.

The Dark Prince match was there on my channel, but “somebody” filed a Privacy violation against it and so it was taken down ~3 months ago by our YouTube overlords. I haven’t really cared enough to do anything about it. It was either DarkPrince being a coward or some random dude trolling: in either case I’ve got no reason to sweat it. I assume it wasn’t Dark Prince because I think he has more balls than that, but - hey the cool thing about anonymousness is that you’re anonymous. Mr. Anonymous can duly note that I have no ads on any of my content nor my site: I do this at my expense for the good of others. If you want to shit on the community, that (continues) to speak volume about your character, and I for one will happily continue to do other things without giving your childishness further thought.

I’ve got the Version with No Faces I can put up. I’ll get around to that when I get a chance. I’ve just been busy. :tup:

As an FYI, Premium members who enjoy B4 Tape 1 (SFA3, ST) might want to check my thread in the Premium forum. I’ll be done with tape 2 … before Evo at least. :lol:


Sounds good. See you there, my good man. We gonna finally get some matches in [in coughrealcough Marvel]?!