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OK, version without picture-in-picture can be found here now:

  • [media=youtube]3d-bhV_cJeo[/media]

The version with PiP is on my site still.

As mentioned, apparently someone is ashamed of this and thus I avoided naming any names here.


What’s the song title from the mvc2 Demise Combo Compilation? Can’t seem to find it anywhere…


does b5 cvs1 vid work for anyone else? i see some video at the beginning and then it looks like the vhs didnt get recorded right.


I’m in the middle of a server update: please let me know if you hit anything broken and I’ll repair it. :nunchuck:

edit: Please also mention which exact URL you were trying to hit. :tup:


b5 vid doesnt work for me. =/


Which one? I randomly tried Combofiend vs edma2 and it worked.


b5 cvs1


Define not working? The link doesn’t work or the video downloads but doesn’t play? Those would mean different things. AVI sucks as a file format, I assume you mean the latter… ?


oh nvm. works on this computer im using


<p>WeretigerRei pointed out some if the Evo2k7 links were broken.  It turns out a bunch were broken due to file renames:</p><p>* <a href=“ hAMM/sanford (SentCableMag) vs fanatiq (W MSP) 3.wmv”> hAMM/sanford (SentCableMag) vs fanatiq (W MSP) 3.wmv</a> </p><p>* <a href=“ snakeshotpeople/1e JWong (2W SSCyke) vs SooMighty (W MSP).wmv”> snakeshotpeople/1e JWong (2W SSCyke) vs SooMighty (W MSP).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ snakeshotpeople/1g Clockw0rk (SSDoom) vs Sanford (2W SSCable).wmv”> snakeshotpeople/1g Clockw0rk (SSDoom) vs Sanford (2W SSCable).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ MM Darkprince (4W) vs Rudy (3W MCS).wmv”> MM Darkprince (4W) vs Rudy (3W MCS).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ dpc vs jwong ruby money match crowd shot.wmv”> dpc vs jwong ruby money match crowd shot.wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ MM Josh Wigfall (5W MSP) vs Fanatiq (7W MSP) drama.wmv”> MM Josh Wigfall (5W MSP) vs Fanatiq (7W MSP) drama.wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ MM DPC (5W MSS) vs Blaziniflo (4W SSCC).wmv”> MM DPC (5W MSS) vs Blaziniflo (4W SSCC).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ Preppy (MegamanCableTron) vs Taiji (2W SSCyke).wmv”> Preppy (MegamanCableTron) vs Taiji (2W SSCyke).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ DarkPrince (2W MSP,SSCC) vs Infinite (W MCS,SSCC).wmv”> DarkPrince (2W MSP,SSCC) vs Infinite (W MCS,SSCC).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ Buckethead (W MagIMSent) vs Fanatiq (2W MSP).wmv”> Buckethead (W MagIMSent) vs Fanatiq (2W MSP).wmv</a> <br>* <a href=“ TT DPC (3W) vs BBHoodRanmaPreppy.wmv”> TT DPC (3W) vs BBHoodRanmaPreppy.wmv</a> <br></p><p>I <em>suspect</em> that there’s a variety of more Fanatiq (not Fanati<strong>C</strong>, dumb me), DPC (guy kept changing his name), and Soo (Soo?  SooMighty?) footage. (Not sure how the Clock footage got lost: maybe work vs w0rk?)  Maybe some others.  Probably doesn’t matter at this point in history, but hey these exist.  Enjoy if you want. :)</p>


More I think lost footage from the Not Shared folders, this time for Season’s Beatings III:

IIRC, these were going to be part of a DVD that I don’t think was ever put out.


We’ve had a project to extract out as much of the art and music from the Dreamcast CD as possible, and the results were pretty excellent:


I cleaned up and exposed all the Matches and Combos subdirectories, of which the Search was a potentially cumbersome-to-you frontend:

The template each subdir uses is straight-forward, lemme know if you have thoughts on how to clean it up/improve it.

I also fixed Search and Newest, although probably nobody noticed that they were very very subtly broken.

Next is uploading the Evo DVD footage sets.

I may even get a new camera at some point but have proven remarkably lazy on that front for some time now.


Added a quick “best of” list on the Search page to help people who want to trawl the archives:

I’m open to further ideas for improvement/places where other people could benefit.


Evidently the Evo DVD availability on my site was mentioned on Twitter and the SRK front page, so my site is kind of getting hammered more than normal. Please yell if it gets too bad.


threw up a couple low tier vids on the chromecast while grindin some marvel 3, shout outs


I’ve been having some problems downloading a lot of the stuff on the Evo page. Is there a problem with the server or on my end? The files either get cut way short, won’t play, can’t seek, etc. I’ll try to make an exact list of the filenames/problems soon.


^-- You do not mention any specifics to your concerns, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. O_o


Here’s what I taped from Texas Showdown:

GGXX Accent Core\00030 LF Harakiri Tiger (May) vs MikeBoy (Kliff)
GGXX Accent Core\00031 GF stone (johnny) vs mikeboy (kliff)
MvC2\00004 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs power-dn (SSCC)
MvC2\00007 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs Bear (SSCC)
MvC2\00010 vinnyman (MSS) vs hung (MSP)
MvC2\00011 hamster (Team Duc) vs alex23 (MIMS)
MvC2\00013 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs Nemesis (RogueStormTron)
MvC2\00015 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs Vinnyman (MSS)
MvC2\00018 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs airbrushking (IceGuileSent)
MvC2\00019 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs alex23 (IceSS)
MvC2\00020 ranma0005 (MMCT) vs alex23 (MIMS)
MvC2\00021 WF Preppy (MMCT) vs JWong (SSCyke)
MvC2\00022 Bear (SSCC) vs Power-DN (SSCC)
MvC2\00025 power-dn (SSCC) vs alex23 (MIMS)
MvC2\00026 power-dn (StormBHCyke) vs alex23 (MIMS)
MvC2\00027 LF Preppy (MMCT) vs alex23 (MIMS)
MvC2\00028 GF Preppy (MMCT) vs JWong (SSCyke)
SF4\00034 execede (dudley) vs leonidas (evil ryu)
SF4\00036 pkrstdnt (dudley) vs leonidas (ryu)
SF4\00037 fubarduck (seth) vs leonidas (dudley)
SF4\00038 fubarduck (ibuki) vs krucial b (ehonda)
Third Strike\00032 shin (makoto) vs valle (twelve)
Third Strike\00033 shin (makoto) vs harshmallow (makoto)
UMvC3\00039 vongore (TronFrankDead) vs Noel Brown (JoeDormDoom)
UMvC3\00040 Leonic (VergilDoomDante) vs Chozo55(HsienTaskDead)
UMvC3\00041 Fiyah Liger (HulkDormSent) vs Carnevil (DormDoomHawk)
UMvC3\00042 Fiyah Liger (HulkDormSent) vs Scrubeks (MagSpenceMODOK)
UMvC3\00043 Hero1504 (VergilDoomWolvie) vs Dragok (CViperDoomDante)
UMvC3\00044 Weeberman (RyuIFistAkuma) vs Dragok (ViperDoomDante)
UMvC3\00045 Isaac J (MorriDoomVergil) vs Bear (CapAmTaskVergil)
UMvC3\00046 Weeberman (IFistRyuAkuma) vs Scrubeks (MagSpencerMODOOK)
UMvC3\00047 Weeberman (IFistRyuAkuma) vs Hypersurge (WolvieSpencerDoom)
UMvC3\00048 KBrad (WolvieFrankDante) vs xxx (StormSentNemesis)
UMvC3\00049 austin (HaggarDoomWesker) vs charliehorse (WolvieChunHaggar)
UMvC3\00050 Mikko (SheHulkMagAmat) vs NashFan (DanteFrankZero)
UMvC3\00055 KBrad (WolvieFrankDante) vs MRX (MagDoomVergil)
UMvC3\00056 cas Scrubeks (SkrullSpencerMODOK) vs ChrisG (MagMorriDoom)
UMvC3\00057 cas Scrubeks (MagSpencerMODOK) vs ChrisG (AmatMorriPhoenix)

I’ll work on getting through these. :tup:


OK, a YouTube playlist of what I recorded at Texas Showdown 2014 is now up: