video thread


OK, old-fangled downloads also available now:


The stuff I recorded from Northwest Majors 8 (SF5, UMvC3, a little USF4) is now up on YouTube:


Looking through my collection, I realized that of DJ-b13’s incredibly talented and well-done MvC2 Tricks of the Trade series Chapters 49 (Guard Breaks) and 51 (Compilation Mix) were not currently available online or on YouTube. I’ve uploaded those now:

Since these are not things I recorded, I will not be putting them on YouTube: that’s DJ-b13’s privilege. :tup: You can find most of the rest series viewable online on DJ-b13’s channel or for download from my site.

The Ameяican Government Thread

Aaand put up 7 more “lost” videos that were previously only on the DVD:

Thanks to KAOS and ShinRodimus for reminding me about these.


Throwback Tuesday:

Evo2k7 interviews

Evo2k7 walking around

RIP Nelson. :sad:

There’s some more random in that folder:


I had recorded some stuff at Evo, but had just gotten exhausting fighting spambots and other bullshit here on SRK. Now that I’ve delightfully retired from responsibility, I’ll grab the footage and edit it together when I get bored/have time. Nothing particularly interesting on there, I imagine. And one ongoing concern with any footage is that copyright law is becoming more of a problem as regards custom audio on footage, so youTube may silence stuff.