Zako Live! New podcast about improving at fighting games

Going live at

Last week was episode 1 (Defense in UMvC3 feat. [YRSF] White-r) which can be found in the archive on the channel, but this week …

Episode 2: Talking about footsies & basic fundamentals in SF4 (and its continuing editions) feat. [TOSFHQ] Nguboy

Check it out! We’ll be checking the thread for questions at the end of the show, which starts at 9pm EST (2am GMT). Links below.

Twitter (will be posting when we go live and possibly links to archive):!/zakolive

Episode 3: Understanding the throw system in SF4 tonight. Specifically, how to look at the frame data regarding throws, how to take advantage of throw mechanics during your offence and defence, and basically explaining why you didn’t tech that throw when you swear you did. Will be checking the thread after for questions as well. live tonight (Jan. 30) at 9pm EST! Check it out.