Zal's boxes 2.0 former customers please read and respond!


Hey everyone, so my last foray into the stick making scene ended in disaster.

There were several factors that contributed to this, and i know nothing i can say can really repair the damage done to my reputation. But actions speak louder than words and i can definitely act now.

Please if i owe you money or you feel i owe you contact me via pm, i just cleaned out my inbox and will be able to recieve them.

I would like to venture back into this market, and in order to do that i must restore trust within the community. So any money that is owed to former customers will be repaid via the first few sticks i sell. Also i will be giving away a free case of your choice of color and layout to one of my former customers via drawing, all you need to do to enter is post in this thread. Former customers may enter regardless of weather or not they received sticks/boxes or got a refund.

Also to current owners of my sticks and boxes i need your input, what issues have you had with my design/construction/wiring. i’ve currently redesigned both my boxes with screwless construction and am working to get my wiring done in a much cleaner fashion.

when the new boxes are done and ready to be sold i’ll post them up.

if anyone else has any input feel free to post!



daaamn… one question: do you now have internet access during the week?


yeah, once school got out i got back to working full time and was able to pay off my bills and get my shit turned back on.


Well, the case that I got a long time ago had construction and wiring issues. I didn’t care about the wiring issues but I can’t do squat with woodworking. I don’t think I ever got that resolved via a new case or w/e, but I’ve moved on.

If you feel like you owe me something, then I won’t refuse, and if I get a case I can probably put it to good use. At the same time it’s already been a while and I don’t really need anything so I won’t be mad if I don’t get anything.

So do what you want, and good luck getting it right this time.


Same here.

Better get your act together this time.


You have a PM


Domino i still have the box i promised you. but i feel it is inferior compared to the boxes i will soon be producing, so i’ll go ahead and send you a box. what color would you like it to be?

and mindz i’ll pm you with details shortly.


Can you make viewlix style blanks?



Glad to have you back. =)


Honestly man you open a new topic about selling new boxes and you aren’t even sure if you still owe people money??
Also stating that you now need to sell boxes to new customers to pay back those you ripped off in the past?

If you are gonna do this you better have changed your morals and business practices. I think a buyer beware at this point would fall on deaf ears. The fact that you still have people’s money after never delivering a product, I am surprised you weren’t banned on the prior stuff.

I haven’t gotten the chance to met ya and your intentions have always seemed good. But dude… I’m not really sure what to say to this.


i’m doing business completely differently now. i no longer take payment before boxes/sticks are built, that way if the customer is waiting too long, they can move on and not have any money tied up with me.

and as for the debt thing, i was swamped with customers, and for the most part i know i’m squared away, i just know that some custy’s had issues with the construction on some of my boxes and i wanted to make sure they were taken care of.
i don’t currently owe money to anyone, and if i do you can be certain they will be paid back.

i look forward to meeting you soon bonebreak, i could really use some advice on some designs and techniques that i know you and ecks have mastered. i aspire to make an affordable box with quality construction and one day i hope to enter the realm of high end stick building.

lbc i’d be happy to hook it up with a viewlix blank.

mrgay hows the box holding up? have you had any issues with the magnets or any other construction issues? and thanks for the kind words


Why would anybody with a brain buy anything from you? How can you still be allowed to sell here? WTF Don’t buy from this fool.


nobody’s selling anything, this is not really a profit venture at the moment, its more of a re-gain the trust of the community kind of thing, note that i have not posted up any products for sale, and its not that i don’t have any, i’m just waiting till i can take care of past customers before i try to gain new ones.


Well, if you want to give me a box, then how about a viewlix blank like LBC. I’d like it to be sorta reddish but really I’m not picky.

I don’t think people should be shitting on this thread. I wasn’t too happy with what happened before, but he’s going through the trouble of trying to fix his mistake. Maybe it will work or maybe it won’t but some other people in a similar incident don’t even have that (or so I hear). He’s not actually trying to sell anything right now so there’s really no harm in having this thread here, right?


excellent :tup:

:d: this


ok two viewlix blanks it is, colors gentlemen???


Wait so are you actually going to sell sticks? If you are, Mind if I ask what you specialize in? I mean, Forget the past, Atleast you’re trying to fix it. But I’d just like to see some examples/what systems you work with etcetc.


I would like my box to be reddish if possible. If not then black or the wood color is fine, just so long as it is finished. If it turns out to be real nice I’ll try to make a nice stick to show off in the tech talk thread as a sort of promotion.

Anyways if you’re serious about getting it right this time I suggest having more frequent updates, like pictures of the work in progress (very important imo) or even a “hey guys the weather sucks today so i cant do any work”. Communication with customers helps give the impression that things are moving forward, especially given the … trust based? nature of transactions over a forum.

As for the cases themselves really take the time make sure theyre sturdy and defect free. Remember, they have to survive the trip to the customer and hopefully at least a few years of angry button mashing. IMO scrap a few cases if theyre not up to standard, don’t try to work around defects because people will notice.

Good luck.


I’m not shitting on a thread man. I wasn’t even involved in purchasing a box last time. Honestly I was shocked an admin did not get involved last time. It really made me wonder if I should buy anything on SRK if the admins didn’t care enough to step in and help out or at least ban. That thread made me and probably several other SRKer’s gun shy about a transaction and that is detrimental to this community. Partial refunds months later isnt exactly making things right in my book.

Here is a post you made on his last for sale thread:

Many people went through that exact thing. Actually no they didn’t. You actually got a box. All be it 3 months late and with issues but you actually got something. Most of the people in that thread claim differently. They went through months of promises and worries about money that was sent. This thread went up or 14 pages and even in May a guy was posting about never getting a box he ordered in November.

I have nothing against Zal on a personal level. He lives in my city and I am sure one day we will meet and play some games. But at some point this needs to be said in this thread so that 3 months from now we don’t go through the same thing without any warning. People need to at least know the history. If you consider that shitting on a thread then so be it. But if I had no clue about these transactions in the past I would sure be thankful that someone informed me about it before I decided to purchase. Rather than sweep it under the rug and say he deserves a second chance or at least hes trying to do the right thing… He is getting a second chance from the admins… my opinion is irrelevant there.

I have been ripped off online… so my tolerance for shenanigans is very small. And saying that everyone got a refund so everything is cool is not right. Many people worried about that for months and had to spend a lot of time and hassle trying to get either a product or a simply a refund. That in itself is a huge pain in the ass and not really acceptable for someone wanting to start a business on SRK.


Blue plz.

Same here.