zang q



Ok what do i do when Zang hit his lv3 super throw on me on wake up? i try jab but that wont work!


uh… roll cancel or jump straight up?


Both of his supers are grabs. If you mean his 720 (FAB), then you just jump up. If you mean his air grab, then you DON’T jump. But you’re saying he’s “hitting” the super… if he connects it, there’s no way out of it.

And you don’t want to roll cancel against the FAB. FAB grabs rolls.


It is a guessing game. Try keeping him away from you so he can do either. If that fails then hopefully you can see his paterns and predict the best action.


HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say that P-groove Zangief is the best Zangief hands down.

Thats my opinion!