Zangeif Combos

anyone have any super setups or combos airborn? the infinite?

s.HK canceled into FAB is a nice way to set it up (FAB = Final Atomic Buster)

Roughly 75% Air Combo : j.D+HP,c.LP,c.LP,sj.LK,sj.LK, FP Spinning Piledriver

That’s good enough for now…work on those and get back to me.


nice i will thanks for your input :\ trying to make lowtiers better

thats zangief infinite?
is it?

zangief my fav. char.

i also want to learn infinite combos with the guy :wink: … please kept posting more … his my favorite character:D

Magnetro’s Zangief vid is really good - find that for starters. You can probably get ahold of that on DirectConnect. That covers about 80% of what you’d want to know about Gief on point, and the rest you kinda need to play to figure out. :slight_smile:

MikeZ’s video combos volume 1 has a Zangief infinite on Chun-Li at the end - it looks like RH,lariat,[ LP,RH,lariat ] (repeat brackets ad infinitum). Not something I’ve used, but the only ‘infinite’ I’ve seen of his since they took out the triple option.

Gief is abusively good on A (lariat) assist against rush-down. Sent-Y/Cable-B/Gief-A sets you up pretty well, and my current fav Gief team. He scales down damage a little much (no free resets like you get with the Y assist), but if they snap in Gief, you’ve got Sent-Y at your back, and Sent-Y has always been Gief’s best friend anyways, so you should be fine just working with Gief until you get an opportunity for a safe switch. Storm works in there, too, but I just find that Sent and Cable can take better advantage of the lariat when it hits.

who on direct connect would have the vid?

I have it…so does rotendo

Jump in d+FP, s.FK(1 hit), PP Lariat on 3rd hit xxx FAB - Great Damage and inescapable Final Atomic Buster if timed right.