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L2P geif here. With the First question being, how the hell do you pull off a standing FAB? I can get it in with a jump in tick, but some people and videos show that FAB can be done from standing. Please someone explain how the hell this works.

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

Do the motion in the maximum of 7 frames after pressing :u:.


Do you know what that is in seconds, I forget how many frames per second there are in ST (its about 60 fps last I recall).


May I just ask someone to briefly explain how jump in -> tick throw actually works. I’ve figured out that it only works with fierce grab, but how do you consistenly get it in?


I apologize in advance for the scrubbiness of this question, but Im getting desperate. 70% of the time I play on a PAD. If you know nothing about pad play, please skip this post. But to any decent Gief using pad players, this question is for you:

Can you offer any tips on consistant SPD-ing with the pad?? I am so frickin inconsistant with it, making Gief just about unplayable. but Ive seen pad players who get it 9/10. I can do it with an empty jump OK. But when I try to tick it or anchor it(do a normal, motion during), I’m about 2/10 on a good day. If anyone can offer any advice on consistant SPD’ing with a pad, I’d be greatly appreciative. I do know about the whole “you dont have to do a full 360” idea, my question is more about the exact inputs you guys use. I know the Wolfe brothers are/were pad beasts, so if you guys check this thread, how did you guys do your SPDs? Id love to add gief to my repertoire, but I cant use my stick for online play and am condemned to be a pad scrub :slight_smile: If I could get splash to cJab to SPD consistant, I could be scary w/ the drunken russian.

Also what are the best non-jump in ticks into SPD (this is not limited to pad play): my understanding is something like:

cJab, cShort, sShort, and maybe sStrong. Are there any I should be aware of?


Well standing 720 is pretty much impossible for humans in this game. I’ve never met anyone who could do it, and I doubt anyone can. If you’ve seen it, it was probably done with a programmable stick.

As for ticking into spinning pile driver, you can do the spd with any punch button, and in fact you should. When doing the 360, don’t just press one punch button, tap two rhythmically (like pressing two adjacent piano keys). The reason to do this is that you get 4 potential 360 inputs (1 for pressing the first button down, 2 for letting it go, 3 for pressing the second button down, and 4 for letting that one go). This is just to make sure you have the best chance possible to get a 360 out. The reason to press 2 punch buttons and not 3 is that if you do 3 you might accidentally get the punch lariat instead. For most ticks I press fierce and strong because they do marginally more damage than jab, but for ticks that leave me far away I do jab and strong, because jab has marginally more range.

The timing for getting a tick is something you have to figure out, it’s hard to just type how to do it, but make sure that you press punch immediately after the move you’re ticking from ends; you can’t cancel your tick normal, because you have to wait for block/hitstun to end before throwing the opponent. So like for crouching short into spd, do the short, see it retract, and then 360 + piano two punch buttons.

There’s a crapload of different things you can tick into spd with, and you want to mix them up a bit to make it harder for the opponent to know when to try to reversal. This is especially true against charge characters. If you do safe jumping down+short, crouching jab, and then spd every time against Guile, the Guile player will know to use his flash kick charge after the crouching jab every time. But if you do jumping down+short, crouching jab, crouching jab, and then spd and the Guile player used up his charge after the first crouching jab (but obviously it didn’t do anything because you were chaining crouching jab), then you get a free spd because he no longer has anything to reversal with. You can also mix it up with strength of attack; this is especially useful for Gief’s jumping kicks because they mostly have the same animations. If you do jumping short into spd every time, the opponent will know to wait until the end of the short’s small block/hitstun before reversaling, but if you mix it up with jumping forward, you’ll screw him up. Also, if you’re doing a tick string, don’t end it with something you can’t keep chaining after, because then it’s obvious that you’re gonna spd right after that. Gief’s normals are remarkably linkable, so this really means that you just shouldn’t use crouching short all that often. Oh, and sometimes, if you think your spd will get reversaled, just block and punish after.

Something else you want to make sure of when ticking into spd is that you’re far enough away so that your opponent can’t reversal normal throw you out of it (which is possible if you’re in range). You can get around this in a bunch of different ways, like doing a far standing short or a far jumping attack into spd or just by making sure you chain enough normals so that you’re pushed back out of their normal throw range.

One other thing, I try to do the 360 motion toward the direction I’m facing. If I’m facing to the right, I do left, down, right, up, punch, and if I’m facing to the left I do the opposite. The reason for this is that it skirts the possibility of accidentally getting a green hand out instead of the 360.

The most basic ticks are far standing short, crouching jab, jumping short, jumping forward, and crouching short, but really anything can be used, I mean everything from standing strong to standing forward to crouching forward to crouching strong to crouching roundhouse to jumping roundhouse to jumping fierce. Some of the more useful tick strings are:

(Jumping down+short/forward) crouching jab, crouching jab, crouching jab/crouching short
(Jumping down+short/forward) crouching short/crouching forward
(Fierce splash) crouching jab, crouching jab/crouching short/standing short
(Crossup fierce splash) crouching jab, crouching jab, (crouching jab/crouching short/standing short)
Jumping fierce, standing strong
Crossup fierce splash, standing strong, standing short
Crossup fierce splash, standing strong, crouching forward

For the ones that have standing strong, the opponent must be crouching or else they’ll duck the strong. And obviously all of these can and sometimes should be interrupted at any point by spd.

Edit: For pads, I had to use pad for a while, and basically I just do it by rotating my thumb. I don’t physically move my thumb really, like the center of my thumb stays in the middle, I just press the outside of it to the sides of the d-pad. And quickly, I guess.


I play whit the D-Pad 100% of the time.
To do a SPD, just do a :hcb: :ub:.
Maybe you are doing the motion too slow or too fast…


Hey guys, thanks! great answers. And fast too! lol

So just going to up-back is sufficient? i thought u had to do a full 3/4 circle, hence R, DR, D, DL, L, UL, U+P (sorry, dont know how to do those cool arrows hehe) if just going to upback works, thatd very helpful. And you’re pretty consistant with that? i want to use gief so bad, but not being able to spd on the pad just makes it too frustrating. if I could get it even half the time, I’d be one happy camper. Also, silly question but maybe it’s important here… when i get to upback, do i hit punch RIGHT as I get to it? or right AFTER I get to it. 101, I know, but sometimes it seems like one will work, sometimes the other.

I remember once someone on kaillera told me an executional trick for 360s that surprised me. was like 2 yrs ago, wish id written it down. maybe it was something like hcb, tap up+p. ugh, i forgot lol I def need to try just rotating to upback!


I can do it 95% of the time.
Sometimes I get too nervous and I lose the timing.

You must press punch in the same time as you press :ub:

I almost forgot, you can do :hcf::uf: as well.


Thanks alot for the magnificent SPD-explaining UltraDavid. Really, you should add that to the Gief-section in the Wiki!


Okay, 720, humanly impossible from standing (besides programmable pads which I don’t have and are banned). 360, can get ticked in from the animation of crouching by doing hcb/hcf -> bu/fu +P. Just to get the facts strait. And I always play using a ps2 default controller, I’m rubbish with anything else.


I tried to do the SPD with b, db, d, df, f, uf+p and failed every time. Then I asked afrolegends about being able to spd like that and he confirmed my suspicion that you have to do 3/4 of the motion. So you would have to, starting from left or right motioning downwards, end at UP! maybe that’s what you’re actually doing but it feels like upback/upfwd? All i know is I still can never seem to get it and its frustrating the shit out of me lol I’m toying with starting at up (anchoring it off my tick move) and have some success, but not enough. Back to the drawing board…

yeah i use ps2 as well. it’s great other than, well, SPDs lol


In order to play Zangief well you need to be able to do standing 360. You have to be able to do walk up spinning pile driver as well as standing running bear grab. If you can’t, you really won’t be able to take advantage of whiffed normals or do as well against certain characters as you could otherwise. Practice doing 360s after ticks, yeah, but also practice just doing standing 360.

Edit: And yeah, you have to do at least 3/4 of the 360 motion. I usually do a full 360, but I start drumming the punches when I get to 3/4. The reason I finish the motion is just to make absolutely sure that I get it out.


Strange, I have sure that I do it using a :hcb::ub:.
Not just in ST, but in all the capcom games that haves 360 motions.

Try doing it faster and whit the end of your finger.


No offense Master Bigode, but I really don’t want people to be misinformed: you need to do at least 3/4 of the 360 motion for the spd to come out, meaning at least 270 degrees of rotation. Half circle back to up-back won’t work, and neither will half circle back to toward (something people frequently used to say). You can start at any point on the stick, but from that point you need to rotate it at least 270 degrees.

If I’m ticking into spd or punishing something from a standing position, I start at back and rotate through down-back, down, down-toward, toward, up-toward, and up, and then I start drumming the buttons, and then I finish the motion through to up-back and back while I’m drumming the buttons. The reasons I do a full circle from back through toward are to make sure that I have some leeway in the spd motion and to ensure I get it out, just in case I messed it up at the start or something, and also that this way there’s no chance of a green hand coming out.

You have to be able to do spd from any direction, though. If I’m crouch blocking and see an opportunity, I go from down-back right to down, toward, up, back. If I’m walking toward the opponent, I go right into toward, down, back, up, toward. If you’re walking, it’s foolish to take the time to move the stick to back and start spd from there because that tiny sliver of time might mean you’ve lost your chance.

As for ticking into 720, it really isn’t that hard. One thing you gotta know, though, is that the super’s range is much smaller than the range of the spd, so you have to be right up close to the opponent and you can’t use a tick string because it’ll push you out of range. For the super to be in range you can really only use like one close jumping attack and then one standing tick, like close jumping down+short, crouching jab/short, super, or crossup fierce splash, crouching short/forward super, or close jumping down+forward, super, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, the normals that are most easy to buffer super through are also normals that can’t be chained after (crouching short, crouching forward, close standing short), so you’re really kinda placing all your eggs in the same basket there.

To do it with, for example, close crouching short, do back, down-back, down+short, down-toward, toward, up-toward, up, back-up, back, down-back, down, down-toward, toward, (short should be retracting), start drumming the punch buttons, up-toward, up, up-back, back. It sounds like a long motion when typing out, but this should be done pretty quickly. You don’t have to break your hand off trying to go super fast, you can do it at the same speed as regular spd, it’s just that you start the motion earlier so you can buffer it into the normal more easily.

You don’t really have to tick into the super, either. If, for example, you’re facing Ken and he just whiffed a fierce dp and he’s coming down right in front of you, you don’t have to actually tick into super, because after all, doing a tick means he gets a chance to reversal you before you can land the super. Instead, whiff something like crouching short or crouching forward and buffer the motion into it such that immediately upon Ken landing, you can drum the punches and have the super come out.


SPD i got down, now put this in your pipe and smoke it…
Kara Banishing fist, discuss!!


So I have this, um, friend who uses gief and he faces a Honda player who just does headbutts over and over. I’ve tried… I mean my friend has tried rapid crouch Jabs, which stop it 10% of the time, and late lariats which beats it 30% of the time and my, you know, friend, is getting sick of it. What is this pathetic soul missing? or does honda get to win this one free? thanks in advance.

-Phucked in Phoenix


Any tips on Ryu players who zone with constant fireballs? If i lariat they sweep…If i jump over they either do a jab dp or a jab button…Then they repeat…I guess the same goes wtih Guile…

What’s a good attack that can at least trade hits or some jump in strats thanks…


This is probably just gonna be stream of consciousness, by the way heh. Maybe I’ll come back and edit it later.

Here’s the thing about Zangief, is that once you’re in you get to dictate the play of the match, but when you’re out, against some characters, all you can do to get in is guess.

Against Honda, that’s almost a lost match, it’s a really hard counter. Honda can just do quarter circle back and hold it so that he has headbutt, butt slam, and command throw all available at the push of a button, meaning that not only does he become very difficult to walk toward or to jump at but difficult to tick throw as well. That said, there are certain things that can help you out: jumping down+forward beats or trades with non-invincible headbutts (ie anything other than close jab headbutts); low forward trades with headbutts on their startup; late-as-possible kick lariat beats headbutts pretty well; green hand beats headbutts for free if timed right; crouching jab and crouching strong beat headbutts pretty well if timed correctly; low jab beats slaps from max range; regular jumping forward can beat or trade with headbutts; standing forward, crouching strong, crouching jab, and standing short beat most of Honda’s standing pokes; standing jab and punch lariat beat butt slam, and if you block butt slam you can (usually) get a reversal spd; if you get spd on Honda in the left corner of a stage, he doesn’t bounce away, so you can get a free crossup splash; you can spd right through the middle of the slaps, even if they’re hitting you. In general you want to use your pokes and lariats to annoy Honda into becoming such a stupid fortress that he won’t use his charge moves until the very last second, which you hope will be too late. Walk up spd or running bear grab can be good too. If you’re going to do jumping ticks, make sure that your ticks leave you outside of Honda’s command grab range but still inside yours.

Ryu is a lot easier than Honda, he’s actually one of Gief’s better matchups; that’s not to say that this match favors Gief, just that it’s more even than lopsided. Basically just lariat through fireballs, switch it up between punch and kick so he doesn’t always have time to walk up and sweep you. You can jump over fireballs too, but that’s riskier. An occasional green hand is fine, although lariats are better. Lots of low roundhouse when potentially in range; it’s super fast so it isn’t really punishable on whiff, and it has great priority so if Ryu sticks any pokes out or tries to fireball you, he gets knocked down. Lots of standing forward to try stuff fireballs and cetera. There’s a range you can stand at that’s super-annoying for Ryu, basically where on reaction to a fireball you can do jumping short tick into spd or lariat through fireball or crouching roundhouse into a knockdown, so find that spot. When you have him knocked down, safe jump down+short into tick and/or spd. Oh, and lariats go through Ryu’s super.

Guile is harder than Ryu, he’s a better turtle against Gief for sure. It’s hard for you to stand in a range where you can react favorably against a sonic boom because that’s also in Guile’s low forward range, and because he recovers really quickly from the boom. He can’t charge for a flash kick while he’s sonic booming, so you have a second or so there where he has no reversal, but again, it’s hard to take advantage of that. Once you lariat/green hand into range, use a lot of Gief’s good footsying ability with crouching roundhouse, standing short (which can beat Guile’s low forward), and standing forward to annoy him into being hesitant about poking. Like always, when you knock him down, if possible, go for safe jump short into ticking/spd.


Thanks for Gief tips…So how do you do a safe jump? Is there a video that shows this in real time action?