Zangief 6-4 against Boxer?!



haha you can always check my replays online, i tend to run into alot of giefs. if your on xbox live add me, ill tell some of my gief friends to come play


i can just look up replays based on your name? i don’t know how to do this hehe.


I don’t think you can anymore, if you want to go through the trouble though, i’d be happy to drop them on utub if I can get them saved to my box. :nunchuck:


Jumping neutral fierce punch vs zangief = win.
ofc dont mindlessly do it of u will get headbutted…


Um NOOOO. Rog has one of the shittier nj attacks against Gief. PPP all day in dat azz. Jump back hp/hk ftw…if you are playing a stupid Gief throwing out random lariat.


i think this match is about even or even in rogs favor as long as he knows the match u can’t get aggressive gotta play a footsie game which imo rog > gief at watch for the green punches on block u can catch him in jab strings just DONT drop ur combos