Zangief ALt 3?



What would you like to see GIEF alt 3? Mega GIEF is pretty bad ass and hard to top that. Ive seen ALT3 but not sure if its official it was Gief in some shorts with a russian hat, look dumb imo. I wish then had him in a soviet military uniform or maybe some MMA gear? What do you guys think?


How Gief ALT 3 going to be, I think its trash but thats me.

First look at the upcoming SSF4 new alt costumes - Hadoken.Net


Here it is Gief, Guile and Honda new alt. Gief looks horrible but Guile looking good.

Ono Tweets: First Look at Alternate Costume Artwork for Guile, Honda andZangief - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA


Camp Father Christmas.


Yea if there is an alt color where he has a white beard that would be pretty sweet. I never buy costumes either way though . . . .so yea.


I buy the ALT for GIEF, Mayor Gief was cool and ROBO Gief is awsome but this new ALT? Gief could have some thing better Military Uniform, Suits or bear gear.


Isn’t that material similar to what they’d wear in Russia in winter time?

I think it’s pretty fucking sweet, I’m buying. lol

Also, Bison/Balrog = BOSS.


Bison and ROG is dope but cmon can gief get some pants?


Gief has pants in his second alternate. The costume fits the character, so at best I feel it’s neutral. Certainly not bad or inappropriate towards his design.

It’s burly and raw, which is the kind of persona Zangief has.

I think most of the new alts came out pretty good…maybe except Cammy/Blanka/Ryu. These outfits reflect the characters very well, I guess that’s why I like them so much.


::In the voice of Joe from Family Guy:: Who wears short shorts? GIEF wears short shorts!

I’m not sure what I expected, but I wish there was something bear-related in his costume. It would have been hard to top mechagief anyhow (especially with the gold color -#10?).

I love Guile, Balrog, and Honda’s new outfits.


I think adding some pants to that alt would’ve made it infinitely better. It’d almost be like a lumberjack outfit. But jean speedo with fur on em? Yea, ima stick to my green Mecha Gief.


I mean Gief is a beast and manly grizzly beast who wants to smash and slam all day long. Vest I can see since hey he has a hairy chest and Ryu Ken needs to feel that Zangief splash of manly hair on them. The Booty shorts or what every it is cmon now. In the 90 I understand Wrestling was the ish and Gief wearing spedos now its 2010 can my man get pants on or MMA gear. What making him like Rampage jackson and have a chain on?


hahahaha I like the MMA idea.


You know, you are right. It is 2010. Not even WWE wrestlers wear the speedos like that anymore. Even King (Tekken) got an update from his speedos. I’d love an alt for Gief to make him black. Back in CVS2 with the color editor, my gief was Blakgief. All I did was change skin color and gave him the black speedos with the gold trim. Twas terror!


Skin color I feel ya on that but he Russian and if you did gief like that then every character has to be changed. I was thinking more about gief hair change that ish up like blanka color. Yes MMA gear for gief, Marduk from Tekken is what im talking about and if Capcom doesnt want gief to look to much like a tekkne character they could make him a lumber jack with jeans or a grizzly bear cape or even better russians who wear jump suits. Gief ALT2 is hard to beat but cmon they gotta do better then just give him a vest.


I actually appreciate Alt 3 much more than rip-off Alt 2.

You probably know this, but Alt 2 is a direct reference to Tatsujin-28…or, as Americans know it, Gigantor. I think it’s just a really lazy design. While Alt 3’s design is equally lazy and unoriginal, I have much more appreciation for it; this is a reference to the winter gear he wore in his ending for SFA2. After he talks to Gorbachev, he’s sent to a training facility in Russia, where he’s wrestling bears in the snow. He wears a similar vest with the sickle-and-hammer emblem of USSR.

Ooh…now that Zangief has conceded and admits to living in “Russia” and not “U.S.S.R.” I wonder if this vest will still have the old sickle-and-hammer emblem on his back? Interesting!


Zangief needs a skinned bear as his costume.

idk I love Mecha Gief and Haggar Gief so I’m sure this one’ll be sweet too


…heh a bear ‘mask’/cape would be a great way to show the bear fighting and setup him verse King in SFxT…

Please don’t have EF verse King…ugh…

  • :bluu:


Wish I played guile cause that alt 3 is pretty sick. Would love if gief had some sort of military garb too instead of that fruity looking elf suit. Looks like he shrunk it in the washer and decided to wear it anyway. Am I the only one who still just reps alt 1 all the time?


I want Zangief to fight Kuma. Maybe I’m weird but it just fits so well.