Zangief figurine, SNES and PS1 Systems


SNES System complete with 2 pads and Mario world $45.00 shipped (good condition, no yellowish plastic)

Playstation System $20.00 shipped

Zangief figurine $13.00 shipped

am also looking to trade my boxed PSPgo for your Wii.

PM or txtme at 815 219 5389


Good luck with the sale-- Souji’s cases are GDLK!


Taking trades on that gief figurine?


am always open for trades.


Hey counterhit can you post some more pics of the case, under and back. Thanks!


Check meh thread then.


I remember that case (one of the first widebody cases) good deal for 65 shipped :wgrin: good luck on the sale :tup:


Sent a pm.


What’s the wood, poplar? How heavy is the stick?


Sent you a PM :smiley:


Bump, price drop.


You got pictures of the back and bottom panels of the stick? Also, what type of wood is it? I’m interested, but I’d like answers to those questions first.




The souji case is just for the case right, or w/e is pictured?


I’ll take the case if it’s still available, paypal?


PM sent


PM sent


Cool, payment sent :tup:


got it, will ship Friday.


Bump, systems added