Zangief = Folgers?!

So for some reason I was incredibly bored at work today and went to go grab some coffee. Low and behold there it was; the tag line I’ve been waiting for to produce some spoof Zangief merchandise. Because Folgers had it right, they just don’t have the right product. As a Giefer, I don’t have the same problem. My new Street Fighter slogan:

The best part of waking up, is Zangief in your mug! (Patent Pending)

I’m still at work now, but I plan on going home and trying to brush up my Photoshop skills. Or if anyone besides me actually finds this funny I welcome someone to join me in my efforts to create an appropriate logo. I figured this would be the ideal to place to share this idea. I’m pretty sure this could be the beginning of a great stick or t-shirt concept.

Anyway this forum doesn’t see enough humor or posting anyway so no harm done if I’m the only one who pushes paper at an office and comes up with corny Street Fighter shenanigans to pass the time. Cheers.

LOLOL. yeah thats kinda funny…

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