Zangief forum clean up



If you guys want anything done around here like updating OPs, merging threads, sticking and unsticking, closing useless/out of date threads then post here with a link to said thread/post and I’ll do what I can. :tup:


With so many changes to Zangief from SF4 to SSF4 to SSF4 AE to SSF4 AE 2012. I feel a lot of info on this forum is outdated and or irrelevant. We would need an entire overhaul or re-write to many of the sticked threads - strategies, guides, tutorial, and match-ups. For other characters, its not so much of an issue, given the nature of their changes isn’t as extensive as this Rad Russian’s!

Would be nice to have separate forums, SF4, SSF4, AE and AE 2012. But I guess, that’s SRK choice in the matter. After all, its just an update to the same game.

It’s a shame, as many of Zangief’s initial contributers and fan base have probably left to where the grass is greener. Can’t blame them, I too feel in love with a completely different kind of Zangief. I was so memorized watching the entertaining matches of Zangitan, Cantona and Itabashi, mixing up their opponents into oblivion. It was simply BEAUTIFUL :slight_smile:

We are grateful for their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience. Sadly, they will be missed. But alas, if your still here at this Zangief forum, it can only mean, you haven’t given up. Now unless Capcom releases Super Street Fighter IV Turbo, its time for us to collaborate on the new Zangief, for the benefit of all - beginners and pros.

I vote for a forum clean up, who’s with me?


^what he said :slight_smile:


Agreed, who’s up for the challenge…