Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



Slay. You and your videos. Got me thinking more about V-Reversal usage. And I’ve concluded their uses are limited to specific scenarios, ie. Where villain has +12 frames behind. But even then I would only use it if they have a strong block/throw mixup after.

All other times, people are gambling with the V-Reversals, and V-reversaling the follow up, which can be countered with parry or throw.


against Ed his fireball has a huge hurtbox. if you headbutt from almost mid screen you not only kill the projectile, you hit him. the range of it is crazy.

check out 3:14 of this video.


Does anyone know what the frame situation is when you get pulled in by that psycho string move?

Just a general observation I’ve made after fierce/EX SPD: I’ve noticed that you can really put the fear into opponents when they think you’re just as likely to dash> EX Borscht as dash> fierce/EX SPD. I like that both moves cover everything but delayed wakeup and invulnerable reversals. I used to be conservative with hard EX Borscht reads because I don’t like to waste meter, but now I consider it conditioning the opponent into realizing he’s not safe anywhere. I switch it up with the choke slam/EX Borscht OS if I feel he might use the delayed wakeup. I only use st. roundhouse anymore to catch back jumps and backdashes when I’m too far away for EX Borscht.


Congrats to snake at CEO. Awesome job.


Is Gief top tier yet? Kappa


Is Snake top tier yet? Kappa


Great job by Snake, I think he takes the ‘world’s-best-Gief’ crown from Itazan now. It seems the recipe for winning a major with Gief is: be either Snake or Itazan, play out of your skin, don’t encounter Dhalsim/Necalli/Guile.

And of course Gief is top tier now. Nothing says top 5 like one major win. Never mind that Gief was the only one of the original SFV cast who hadn’t won a CPT yet (Vega…?), despite him arguably having more character loyalist pros than any other character.


Zangief the best or nah? I’m sure he still has no winning mu’s.


I’m not gonna say he’s on Itazans level but Snake definitely played out of his mind. That’s the only way to win, avoid the bad mu’s and be a psychic with your reads and he did it.




I think few people will truly appreciate what he’s done. To me this is even more remarkable than his EVO victory with bottom-tier Gief in HD Remix. The downside is that this gives plenty of ammo to the idiots who think he’s top tier.


Yeah but who cares what they think, they’re all clueless to begin with and no matter what the facts are they will never understand. You’re right 99.9% of people have NO clue just how hard it is to win with this character. Snake really must be mentally drained from the weekend lol. What’s funny is I didn’t see a single rbg attempt and of course no counters landing from Snake or Itazan at Dreamhack who btw played well too but ran into dumbass Ibuki. Aren’t those two moves supposed to be great? Counters not useless right?


Snake definitely made attempts to use the counter in tournament so can’t say he feels they are useless if he decided to use them on a big stage. There are better things you could use, but experimenting with them in a major event is better than useless.

Any ways Snake winning CEO with mostly Gief is all I needed. Not the best character, but more proof that the crying was too real.


That looked more like he wasn’t going for the counter but got it anyways. You can’t sit here and tell me he meant to use it in the match against Samurai and his Akuma.


Counter is useless-fact. If you think otherwise you don’t know what you’re talking about.


It kind of helped that he had to fight three Cammy’s in a row. I’d take that any day over three Guile’s or three Nash’s in a row.

It was a jackpot draw. He needed runner runner backdoor flush draw and he got it!

In all, he put himself at risk about 3 to 4 times, where in he could have went home. But ended up with the check mark.

Degree All In. Snake’s clutch in those moments.



Did Snake fight any Sim players at CEO?


No, no. Itazan will land it in 1 out of 10.000 matches and that will cause the stream to go wild. Because apparently that’s the gold standard when judging a move’s effectiveness.


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