Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected





Guess Japan doesn’t have a lot of Guile players.


…or Laura players.


Lmao too funny Nemo. He must really hate fighting Gief or just really suck at the mu. He must have Combofiend-itis.


Even if you’re completely clueless about Gief, how could you possibly place him above Laura, Rog, Ibuki, Karen, Necalli, Urien, Guile and Cammy? Even the most positive/delusional/insane Gief player would consider him 9th at best (which is obviously much higher than he really is). You’d really have to hate his guts and be blinded by bias to place him any higher.


Crazy part is as stupid as it looks if you replace gief with guile it’s not horrible.

He obviously gets his ass kicked by itazan


There aren’t a lot of Guile players or Sim players in general. Luckily Guile is another specialist character that only certain people use and Sim is still just not good enough (and requires too much work) for a lot of people to bother with him. This helps Gief in standard open tournaments. There aren’t a lot of world class Urien players either.


So it looks like not a single Gief made it to top 64 other than Itazan(I think).


But… but… everyone said he was so massively overbuffed for season 2.1! An Itazan vs. Snake Eyez grand final was pretty much set in stone, wasn’t it…?

I expected mass graves filled with SPD victims, counters that would make stream viewers go crazy worldwide and 20-hit combos all over the place. I’m starting to think Gief might not be the top 5 character we all knew he never was.


I’m trying to find out if Itazan is still alive or not but I believe only THREE Giefs made top 100 lol. The best US Gief doesn’t even break top 64. I guess those three new amazing moves he got didn’t help much, especially that op counter.


Itazan just beat Xiao Bao’s Vega and Necalli, he’s still in it.


Snake ran into guile. That match sucks so many balls.


Itazan qualified top 8 winners.


At least 5 giefs in top 100. Snake finished 65. For a 2500 person tournament that’s not bad.


Wow somebody that’s not crying with a Gief in winners top 8.


Itazan is a freak of nature, there’s no other way to explain it imo. He makes it look easy and it’s mind boggling to me. Man, I hope he wrecks Punk so bad but idk. Personally I’ve despised the Karin mu since day one.


He is a good character that as long as he doesn’t run into a sim or guile can do some damage in a tournament. I think the last two majors(CEO, EVO) have shown that.


He can’t run into Nash either, apparently. And some people thought this match would be even after Nash was nerfed.

I would also add Necalli and Birdie to that list.


Nash was never not a terrible mu, once again clueless idiots with no idea what they’re talking about. That mu was always atrocious and still is obviously. The Birdie mu is the one nobody knows about imo except Gief players. Idk I’ve always thought that was one of the worst mu’s in the game and yes Necalli was always terrible too.


That wasnt really Nash, punk just outplayed him. things like him jumping when punk had CA was a best a crazy risk. Nash is a 6-4 since he got his buffs again but Itazan still took a lot of crazy risks and punk played solid.

On Birdie i do think that one is bad now, it was hard before but birdie got some good buffs with the st mp in season 2 that after you jump in on banana and block pushes you out of spd range and at negitive. good thing no one uses him.

On Necalli, i still dont get why so many people think he loses bad to him. Knee goes over sizemo and he has short range normals so gief can out poke him. yes when he gets in vtrigger he is hell but he also loses vreversal for the rest of the match. I guess it is just me but can someone explain why they think that one is so bad?