Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



A Nash player (I forget who) weighed in on this, he said that if Gief plays the ground game he’ll take even more damage. I also find myself jumping a lot more against Nash than in other matchups.

As for Necalli, he gets oki off of everything and forward dash into cr. fw. (?) is very hard to deal with. He can alternate between normal jump ins and divekicks to bait Lariat. His attack is very diverse; he hits hard, is very mobile, has a command grab, an overhead and possibly the best V-trigger in the game. From afar he obviously has Seismo. His combo ability is great too, you’re always only one quick dash + cr. fw. away from eating a combo or a CA.

On another note, does anyone have some general advice against Kolin? A Diamond Kolin I play against knows the matchup very well and he has a hit-'n-run style that feels similar to S1 Nash. Am I blatantly overlooking something or is this - yet again - an awful matchup?


I think Kolin beats Gief but what else is new lol. I stopped playing this game a couple months ago and went back to SF4 and trying to learn Tekken.


The SFIV scene is dead over here and I never was particularly interested in Tekken. My only hope is VF6…


Abigail has two command grabs, 1100 HP, a proper counter and other interesting options. He might make Gief superfluous in this game.


Yeah but Gief has cr.lp


Probably not. Characters that are huge like him tend to have more polarizing issues than Gief usually has. He might excel at certain things that Gief doesn’t, but odds are Gief will stay the better tournament character.


I have a feeling he’ll be like Hugo in 4. Really bad and have tons of terrible mu’s but he’ll probably body Gief.


When Gief runs into Dhalsim, Guile, Nash, Necalli or Birdie it’s pretty much curtains, I don’t know how much worse Abigail could be for a tournament run. Too early to tell though, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Abigail has a chance to get bodied harder by all of those characters that Gief. Maybe Necalli being the only exception because of button range difference, but V Skill should still be rough for him.

I think he’ll do better vs Chun Li than Gief, but that’s the only somewhat relevant character I’m seeing him doing better against than Gief ATM. We’ll see in a little while.


So like all the grapplers back in SF4 T. Hawk and Hakan also gave him problems but very few played them.


True and good point. I’d say that Hugo was the hardest mu though if I remember correctly.


Hugo was because Gief couldn’t focus him, that and his buttons were too good. Hakan on the other hand was more about patients and punishing you with slide and if he got you to the corner that was usually GGs.


I for one can’t wait for Abby first to play him, and second to see if instant overhead headbutt works on that huge bastard.


I can answer that for you: no. They tried some other instant overhead on stream yesterday with a lower hitbox than headbutt, and it didn’t work.


Abigail is bottom three guaranteed, imo the worst. I think it’s pretty obvious already. Of course in the first few weeks or so all the whiners we’ll be saying he’s op just like with Gief at launch.


What might be the reasons as to why he’s bottom 3?


Boooooooooo. That sucks I really wanted to do that day one, even if I lost I would be going for that like crazy just for the lolz.


Our favorite Russian should have gotten all that Armor goodness Abi has with Nitro Charge on his SE since Day 1.


gief seems alright now i dunno i dont feel like a useless shaved gorilla like i did playing him in S1


Itazan is using Abigail now, I wonder if he’ll main him. Infexious switched to Necalli, so who knows.

Right now I’m struggling to see why a competitive player would pick Gief over Abigail. He has Dhalsim-like reach on some of his normals, more HP, same damage on command grab, comparable V-skill, much easier to get in with Nitro Charge, much better comboability incl. CA and an overhead. Gief has more range on his command grab, more damage on CA, and Borscht.