Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



Gief has way better oki, safer normals and 5f throw invincible command grabs.


I disagree that he has better oki, I think it’s equal at best. Gief has EX Borscht to catch back dash/jump, but his combo damage output is very poor compared to Abigail’s. Abigail also has an overhead, and st. strong is great as a pressure tool and to rack up grey damage.


After seeing more of Abigail, he luckily doesn’t have as large of a hit box at least in idle position as I figured he would. When he’s attacking though he’s obviously filled with humungous hurt boxes that I’m sure will give him some awful matchups eventually. Ones possibly even worse than Gief’s worst. His button placement if done well should be scary, but those limbs in this type of game will eventually get sniped and whiff punished often enough.

Still too soon IMO, but at least the potential is there for him to be a big body that is actually competitive. I don’t see Snake Eyez or Itazan leaving gief. Itazan has Gief in his name and SnakeEyez just won a major with him. They’ll probably have him on deck as a side character, but don’t see either of them full switching when they are doing extremely good things with Gief already.


So uh
about the Abigail match up
I feel like everything I do that I think will hit this guy whiffs and I can never get in on him
granted i learn match ups really slowly but im consistently losing to really basic keep away play
cant seem to find an area where i can contest any of his buttons

kinda like playing a platformer and barely missing a platform that you were sure you could jump on, except in this case its buttons and it is happening the whole match


Gief’s buttons suck. Use headbutt and st. strong, they’re the only normals that don’t extend his hurtbox halfway across the damn screen.


no guys, i got it
fighting abigail is like, when you’re climbing stairs and you put your foot down but you misplaced it and lose your balance, bc you thought a stair was there but it wasnt


Fighting Abigail as Gief is like a declawed kitten fighting a lion. You can’t get in because of st. and cr. jab/strong and his damage output is ridiculous. He on the other hand can just bypass the neutral with Nitro Charge, as it forces you on the back foot no matter what he does.

I play my friend a lot who has developed a really strong keep-away game with him. He doesn’t spend meter but saves it for CA, effectively eliminating his only weakness (being free on wake up). The guy has lightning-like reflexes and execution so he also effectively uses CA as an AA. It’s infuriating, it’s like trying to take down a fortress defended from all sides. I hope at some stage some tech will be discovered that will make this match up more bearable, as right now I’d rather play Guile than Abigail.

It’s still early days, but I think I was right on the money when I said that Abigail makes Gief superfluous.


i hate new move of zangief make me accident many time need change command from p to k or delete this move


^ Agree with this guy!! Haven’t felt the hurt of the Gief vs. Abi yet but if its half as annoying as the Birdie MU,i’m not going to be happy fighter!


Don’t know if anyone still cares, but Snake Eyez played a first to five exhibition match against Idom:

Snake Eyez won the first match and Idom won five consecutive matches after that, with Snake only taking one round. Here we have the best or second best Gief player in the world being bodied by some Laura who nobody knew three months ago, yet Laura players are crying that this is an 8-2 matchup in Gief’s favor.


YES!!! I really hate how the command move is punch and not kick. It really should be kick so it would not interfere with the SPD motion. There have been SO many times I mean to do an SPD when I get the opportunity to get the opponent only to whiff into a Tundra Storm. Very frustrating.


Switching the input will make it more playable yes but who the @#$% cares! A counter that only works for Kicks and can be punished for CC? Garbage…#deletethismove


*horizontal kicks :smiley:


Oh yeah i forgot about that. Just makes Tundra all the more appealing -_-


The knee hammer nerf is fucking huge


Gief is dead

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Yeah, I said the same in the general thread. Gief got hit hard. The whiners got what they wanted.

On a positive note, they buffed Tundra Storm. It went from ‘move-that-got-you-killed’ to ‘completely useless’. So there’s that.


Jesus, these notes can’t be accurate. If so…RIP


SPD’s are even more punishable now? Huh? LMAO.


Somebody link me those changes! I’ve only heard on the grapevine about the universal Command Throw nerfs.


I dont care on it cuz SPD was originally super punishable

It is just now go from super punishable to mega punishable, not a big deal

But i cant afford the knee hammer nerf!