Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



He got hyperfucked


All Normal Throws
• Circumstances after successfully landing these have been changed.

Standing Light Punch
• Hitbox has been changed.
• Hurtbox has been changed.
If opponents are hit by this move while airborne, they now land further away from Zangief.

Standing Light Kick
• Recovery has been increased to 15 frames from 12 frames.

Crouching Light Punch
• Damage has been increased to 40 from 30.
• Active frames have been reduced to 2 from 3.
• Total move frames have been increased to 14 frames from 12 frames.
This move is now +3 frames on hit instead of +4 frames.
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Crouching Light Kick
• Hitbox has been changed.
Is no longer special cancellable.

Crouching Heavy Punch
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Jumping Heavy Punch
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Jumping Heavy Kick
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Knee Hammer
• ***Has 3 extra frames of recovery ***(no changes have been made to hitstun or blockstun).

Flying Body Press
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Screw Piledriver (Regular Version and EX Version)
8 frames of recovery have been added when whiffed.
• Zangief’s movement on whiff has been changed.

Double Lariat
5 frames of recovery have been added.

Tundra Storm
• Startup has been changed to 2 frames from 4 frames.
• Stun has been increased to 300 from 250.
• Command has been changed from 623+P to 623+PP.
• 10 frames of recovery have been added when whiffed.
• Can no longer be special cancelled into.
• Zangief’s movement on whiff has been adjusted.

Cyclone Lariat (V-Trigger)
• Meter gain from using this move has increased.


Have fun guys lol.


He got nerfed, which sucks. The knee wasn’t changed in total recovery frames and it is still the same speed. What changed about the knee is it is airborne for 3 frames less now.


Hang on, if all command grabs now have 70 frames of recovery, that means recovery is now 18 frames slower and not 8 like the patch note says. So is it 60 or 70?


Now now, we’re all just downplaying here, I’m sure he’ll still be stringing together tournament wins just as he did in S1 and S2 … oh wait.


I’m curious about the hurt box changes are they bigger or smaller? Because if they are increasing it, that makes little sense considering the Splash has a brutal hurt box and needs improvement in its hit box.

Overall I doubt even Itazan can overcome these changes.


. (read the patch notes wrong) I don’t think these nerfs are the worst, just no more hit confirms


things he is going to lose.

Empty Knee Hammer to SPD(just a gimmick not a big deal)
ST LP Anti air mix up. not a big deal just use lariat all the time.
extra recovery on spd(again not a huge deal you already got your ass kicked when you missed one.)
clk not special cancel(who cares still combos into clp)
c lp +3 on hit. (this is huge and fucking sucks. not only does his best poke not combo into itself noncounter hit, but now his best meaty on wakeup cr lp, cr mp wont combo on ch. I guess we could do cr lk, cr mp but it still sucks.)

the only thing i am hopeful for is that splash actually doesn’t get beat by every normal in the game so he can have a good crossup. Small consultation for the cr lp nerf. this is also the second time that cr lp got nerfed because they took away cr lp to standing lk combos after season 1. Am i missing something i know the move is annoying but it is a 40 point single hit move now that the average character can be hit by 24 times a round before he dies. What the hell.


The extra recovery on SPD is a huge deal, as an opponent can now back dash and jump in for a full combo. Never mind that an opponent who is just out of range to punish a current whiffed SPD, now can.

If Knee Hammer only loses airborne frames and has the same recovery then whiffed Hammer to SPD or whatever else is still possible. This begs the question though, why would they take away airborne frames? Seems like a pointless change one way or the other.


Well one of its intended purposes was to go over lows. I didn’t think it was overwhelmingly good at it to where it warranted a nerf, but apparently Capcom did shrug


seems balrog’s nerf is more painful than Gief, lol


So 10 more damage on cr.jab is the best thing he got? Am I reading this right? They actually think the counter is not a useless move and wasted their time changing it for no reason? I didn’t think it was possible to make a useless move more useless. I’m truly dumbfounded.


Haven’t you heard?

They didn’t fire the guy that designed the tundra storm, they promoted him to CEO of the company.

And then he went on to write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.


Apparently Tundra Storm now has a 2f start up and 10 frames fewer recovery. Could it actually be somewhat viable in certain matchups?






I didn’t look through the changes for the entire roster but idk guys, doesn’t Gief look like the absolute worst character in this game? I mean by far now. I legit feel bad for you guys now this is looking god awful lol.


I guess with all the bitching and whining going on in Japan about Gief being top tier,they felt it was necessary.

Agreed.I think since launch,he was easily the worst character in the game,yet Itazan and Snake made him work. it’s a credit to their skill and dedication but this latest set of changes is clearly meant to kill the fighter off in the competitive scene like they did to Nash and Ryu.


I think Ryu and Alex might be even worse off, but he’s bottom 5 for sure. If he were even mid-tier, a player like Itazan would be doing better with him. He’s up there with Momochi, Haitani and the rest of the Japanese top players, but he’s never won anything.


I don’t think he was near the worst character in the game ins s2, but he certainly wasn’t so good that he warranted the nerfs he got. At the most he should’ve just gotten either a damage nerf to HP SPD or had it’s oki toned down. It’s fucking insanity that he got nerfed harder than Necalli.