Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



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Yeah I mained Maxi in 1-5 but in 4 I was forced to switch for tournament after losing to J2O really bad. Asty and Volvo after that. Only game I was ever forced to switch to compete.


I take it back. After watching vids VT2 looks awesome.
5hp cc to VT2 hspd is 471! For a 2 bar vtrigger that is good.
Cc hk ex air spd does 400

I am very excited to do cr mp on block to vtrigger cancel and see how scared my opponent is. A 50/50 where it’s better to take the spd is crazy.


The amount of stun VT2 SPD and Air SPD deal is daunting too.
350 stun for normal SPD/air SPD and 400 stun for ex SPD.

It will be a great VT to use in a lot of matches.


There are too much matchups heavily rely on VT1 to stand a chance.
You need VT1 to fight all fireball character.
VT2 may only be an alternative option for non-fireball matchups.


Yeah I could see guile, ryu, fang, akuma, menat, and chun as vtrigger 1(Ken,ed and juri have shitty fireballs)
Everyone else v2

This should swing the bison and rog matches from slightly in our favor to flat out wins.


Guile, Fang, Menat and Ryu will be VT1 for me for sure. Fang in special considering the madness he will be able to do after AE.
Might be the ranked level I am at, but most Akuma players don’t use their fireballs well against me. Chun’s fireball isn’t that great either, but VT1 could be more useful than VT2 because she has too much mobility.


So Gief actually has some scary fucking options after cancelling into VT2. Here’s what I’ve found. Everything here will beat a 3 frame jab unless specified.

NOTE: SPD is an option off of EVERYTHING except cr.LK

st.LP: cr.LP, cr/st.LK, cr/st.MP
cr.LP: cr.LP, cr/st.LK, cr/st.MP

st.LK: cr.LP, cr.LK
cr.LK: cr.LP, cr.LK (both trade w/ 3 frame)


st.MK: ALL NORMALS except st.HP
cr.MK: ALL NORMALS except st.HP, f.HP

st.HP: ALL NORMALS except st.HP


Lol if you do cr.MP xx VT2, you can do meaty f.HP, and if it’s on the right frame, it stops buttons, jumps and backdash and lets you combo into EX SPD for 343/470 dmg/stun. You could do st.HP too and it’ll CC their button and let you combo into f.HP xx EX SPD for 426/600 dmg/stun

May be jumping the gun, but this might be worth losing cr.LP combos? Also AA’ing with st.LP still leaves them in range for SPD or f.HP, st.LK xx lariat unless it’s max range. Special cancelling cr.LK was good for RBG gimmicks, but that wont’ be as necessary with a legit VT frame trap. The extra recovery frames on lariat and SPD suck, but let’s be real Gief gets bodied for whiffing that shit regardless.


I don’t like the loss of the c. LP combos, tbh. I do agree that V2 gives you some sick options, especially if you are good at hit confirming.


I didn’t even realize that we lost c. LP combo until i had some online matches a while ago. Losing that lp. combo is just too much. That and nerfing and the power of command throws overall… It is just too much… Pretty sure i am about to drop Zangief from my roster for now. At least my other main, Dhalsim seems to be doing ok.


Yeah, Gief is pretty destroyed by these changes. I Dunno why they did him like this. Woshige must REALLY hate grapplers.


The c. lp change hurt a bit.
I will have to spend a lot of time in training to break muscle memory and to figure out what will be the best options to follow it with.
If the opponent is close enough, double lariat seems to work quite well.


for a meaty cr lk, cr mp, st lk, lariat still works and is the new one.
the loss of cr lp combos suck but it still combos on ch. I am not too worried about that. i want to see how much advantage we have off of vtrigger cancels but the damn number on the screen goes so fast i cant tell.


Just look at my post. Dunno the exact advantage, but off of most normals it’s enough to get a f.HP. It’s damn good.


Yeah I just want to know the actual numbers. I’m trying to figure out which ones will leave you at plus four or less so you would get an spd without delay


It’s obvious they nerfed c.LP to prefer for VT2 conversions.


This sounds interesting and I will try it.
Maybe c. lp, c. mp, st mk might work for when you are too far away for st. lk to land.
Some testing to do.

Overall, I think Zangief is a bit less good with this patch, but the sky isn’t falling and he is still quite viable.
And I will only be dropping him as my main after the heat death of the universe.


Honestly, I don’t see how he can be viable this season. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s really disheartening seeing how many characters got cool new tools for mix ups and Gief pretty much just got nerfs and a second VT that might be practical and good in some match ups, but doesn’t help any of his mobility issues, and it’s not exactly creative either.