Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



Splash isn’t very good in this game. Most likely still has extended hurt box issues.


Not to mention, that if you choose VT1, for 3/4 of the match, you effectively are playing without any V-Trigger anyway, so you still have to face those fundamental zoning problems. You still have to rely on your regular leads in, such as CC Stand HP, CC Stand HK and EX SPD, or the slow grind to the wall with Lariat confirms and LP SPD. But the VT1 comeback is nice against zoners, and is the ace in the hole.

And yes, if VT2 had more lead ins from midrange, would be better.

Yup. Hurtbox is ALWAYS below the Hitbox. So only good against their wake up, and MUST be timed well, otherwise can be anti-aired by just about anything. Not to mention, cross up jump setups are rare, and realistically only achievable via VT1 and VT2, or when villain does strategic delayed wake up against SPD into meaty VT1.


Itazan plays Gief for two years, doesn’t win jack shit; picks up Abigail, immediately wins a stacked tournament. That says a lot about Itazan, Gief, and Abigail.


So did they completely delete Gief from this game lmao?


The changes to cr lp and double lariat are being tough to adapt.
It feels like double lariat takes forever and a half to recover now.

But I will endure.


Today I almost deranked back to Platinum before I gathered my wits and at least climbed back up to 11,000 lp. Zangief is absolute crap now. Every mistake like a whiffed Lariat or SPD means a full jump in combo for the opponent, and his neutral is skewered due to the larger hurtbox on cr. jab. Never mind that his neutral was poor to begin with. Thank Jebus Blanka is coming soon.


Stop whining he’s mid tier at worst and v-trigger 2 is secretly godlike you just don’t know it yet. The best and only Gief in the world dumps him immediately after the changes but what does he know right?


Yes,yes they did…technically.
Let’s do the maths here…
-Nerfs to Gief +buffs to already good Abigail,compounded by Increased drop rate % from pros=DEATH

It’s like how CAPCOM says Nash is still good. Imgflip Meme Generator


He sucks now, bad part is he is still better that season 1 but that is like saying you are the most attractive person on swamp people, it is just a shitty contest you dont want to be a part of.

if v-trigger 2 wasn’t so fun i would seriously drop him for Birdie but man activating off of a block string and sensing the panic is awsome. too bad it is damn near impossible to get in consistently against good players now. Wow did they ever neuter my favorite character, i dont blame itazan for switching. If i still played competitivly i would be playing abigail, he has better reach, better damage, better oki, better at closing, better at zoning. Only thing he is not better at is looking(that fucker really is ugly!)


My friend insists Gief-Menat must be a 5-5 matchup, as he beats every Menat he comes across. He’s Super Silver…
I’d hate to sound elitist, but what’s the point in discussing matchups if you can’t even get to Gold, let alone Platinum? You obviously don’t have a solid grasp of the fundamentals if you can’t get at least to Super/Ultra Gold. Below that, matchups hardly matter.


as much as I see complaining happening here, I do have to agree that your random online adventures should not be an indicator of how a matchup goes. Gief vs Menat is definitely not 5-5.


Gief vs Menat is a 7-3 matchup in Menat’s favour. IF you can get in, you have half the victory assured.
IF you get in. Zangief doesn’t have many tools that let him do that as easily as Abigail.
Otherwise, you have already lost that match. Pick your stuff and go home.


Gief Menat sucks for gief. Anyone that says differently is playing shitty players.
Guile, Menat and sim players should feel like absolute shit when they lose to gief. There are other bad matchups but those are basically free.


Well, menat matchup is even worse than Dhalsim/Guile matchup. I am pretty sure.

It is just a 10-0 matchup for menat


I don’t think it’s quite that bad, as a 10-0 matchup would mean that Gief has absolutely no chance of ever winning unless the Menat player is hit by a stroke mid-match or something.

I do think it’s Gief’s worst matchup though, and thus by default the worst matchup in the game. Could be a legit 8-2.


I wonder if any competitive Gief mains will even keep using by the time of Sagats release because it feels highly unlikely.


Itazan was the only competitive Gief main and we know what happened there.


They all switched to Abigail already.
By the time Sagat rolls around,Zangief would just be a bad memory unless he gets major buffs or a rework.
Gief vs.Baldy is traditionally a bad match up anyways so it’ll just be another one to add to his list.
You never know though,Abi might get the mighty ban hammer by then and become unplayable,sooooooo there’s that.


Blanka is shaping up to be another terrible matchup for Gief, and Sagat will likely be one as well. Gief is already completely unviable after he was neutered by the balance changes, and it’s only getting worse in the future.


You guys really need to either just drink the kool-aid and play a non-grappler, or enjoy Abigail while he lasts. Gief didn’t get half the hate that Abi’s getting and look what they did to him lol.
Personally, I’m just looking forward to the 30th anniversary launch so I can play ST. Gief may have been low tier in that game too, but at least he was super scary when he got in and he wasn’t free to rushdown.