Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



ST Gief is very, very fun!
Till you run into an E. Honda and then you have to hope that whomever is playing Honda never played ST before. :rofl:


Throw in O. Sagat, Vega, & Akuma


ST Claw all day. Blanka is fun even if he sucks.

Abigail is far too weak compared to the strongest of other games to be banned. He still has legit bad matches no matter how good he is. Like Rog, Laura and Urien he’ll have his little tirade, but eventually once people understand the meta behind Abigail further he will be harder to just solely win stuff with. Itazan is doing the right thing picking a character that grapples and footsies better than Gief (and basically all of the other grapplers in the game), but within the scope of the game Abigail is just another character that can be beaten.

10-0, 9-1 matches only happen in really old/kusoge games. The worst match in this game like most games these days is probably a 3-7 or slightly worse and there’s probably only a single digit number of matches that even get close to that.


[quote=“DevilJin 01;c-11584890” and there’s probably only a single digit number of matches that even get close to that.[/quote]

And Gief probably has all of them lol.


Menat, Birdie, Abigail, Dhalsim, Guile. All legit 7-3 matchups. Menat may even be worse.

In other news, following Itazan, Snake Eyez has dropped Gief for Abigail. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, Gief is still top 5. Any day now, you’ll see Mena, Punk and Tokido drop Birdie, Karin and Akuma for Gief.

So, Itazan and Snake Eyez have both dropped Gief; as far as top Gief players go, that leaves… who? No one, that’s who.

RIP Gief.

Ah well, back to labbing Blanka…


And I wouldn’t even call Snake a top Gief in SF5. Last season he was more of an Akuma main anyway. Probably played Akuma 70% and Gief 30% and that’s being generous. But hey what do I know, I’m just talking out of my ass.


I have no idea, why Capcom hate Gief so much and making him so ridiculous like now.
They gave 2 stupid moves to Gief - RBG & Tundra Storm.
In SF4, Gief’s RBG is even more ridiculous.
Now, they take out Gief’s most bread n butter combo : 2LP to 2LP
This really hurts, is Gief’s 2LP being so excessive?
Birdie’s 2lp & Abigail’s 2lp is much more excessive than Gief.
There are so many characters who can easily zoom out Gief by just 1 or 2 buttons:

Menat: SHP/SMP
Dhalism: SMK

Gief’s Lariat & SPD were originally slow enough when whiffed, and Capcom make it even worse.

Some people says Gief’s VT2 has good damage, but please take a look on Abigail, he can do around 380+ damage by just a ex command grab combo, this is so fucking unfair for gief.


Gief is designed to be frustrating to an opponent with pokes and when they get timid or make a mistake he can kill them with SPD. So in season 2 his ST HK and MP’s were mediocre, his st mk, cr mk, cr HK kinda sucked. his cr lk, st lk, Cr HP, St HP and Standing HK were situational but his cr jab was great. so in AE there answer was to nerf cr jab, nerf st lk, nerf st lk, and buff cr HP(still situational). So you take a character that was mid tier nerf him and buff all his bad matchups and you expect what exactly?

I have been a big defender of him but it this state he is shit, i dont like Abigail so i switched to birdie. Please capcom fix Gief so i can play my boy again. I dont mind bad matchups but when you have 5 almost unwinnable and 10+ 6-4s i just get too frustrated.


I too want our cr lp back. And double lariat recovery time to go back to S2 levels.
It recovers way too slow to be useful to gain ground against fireballs now.

That alone would make me a very happy Zangief player lass.


I’m currently making the push to Platinum and struggling in defense against some Plat players. Any defensive tips at this level? Should I even bother trying to tech throws?


Dont worry, 3.5 nerfed him some more apparently.


They gave him no buffs and halved the stun on his flying headbutt, you can’t make this shit up.


Somebody at Capcom must have a feed of all Gief wins, and just takes each piece out slowly.
Its bad enough when an SPD whiffs, yet your whole character model goes through the enemy, sometimes their width again behind them…
Ive learned I cant use Fierce spds because they never land.


Fierce SPD range is really low.
Best way to use it is after a st HP crush counter. Do a micro walk and use it. Then dash and you will be in position to either land another one or mix up with something else.
Other than that, ex SPD is your friend.


Trust me dude
His headbutt>exairspd is some good stuff if u know how to use it

I already rely it quite often in real match

Very good stuff when opponent are in the corner and trying to jump over your SPD
also excellent when you are waking up with full super bar, they love to vertical jump over you when u just wake up in order to prevent your 720, super good chance to let them eat your headbutt>360


HP SPD is a post oki SPD. Basically you’re supposed to land an EX SPD first, then HP SPD becomes a thing. Which is scary because if you land the HP SPD it gives you the same oki to dash up and HP SPD again. Which is why people usually panic and start jumping once they get caught by a HP SPD because if they dont try to get out they’ll get looped by 220 damage throws until they’re dead. Lower ranked players usually start jumping immediately after you land the first EX SPD on the first oki and that’s when you can just smash meaty buttons and ticks in their face and make them take more damage until they’re dead. Since this is SFV you can even wait for them to jump then jump up with them into air SPD. Which just like the ground SPDs, the stronger air SPD you use, the better oki you will get. HP/EX air SPDs will start HP SPD loops.

You can even dash up c.LP vs 3 framers after a landed EX or HP SPD and you can tick into another HP SPD. On hit or block. So if they get hit by c.LP they can take a tick HP SPD and if they block still can take it. Just gotta know the timings.

This is basic oki chart for Gief. If you’re not doing what’s in this video you’re likely struggling to grab people with Gief. Especially check the SPD and air SPD parts.

If you happen to get close enough to the opponent to land a f+MK on hit or whiff it in front of them you can also get it there as far as neutral goes. Like Bea said can get it after s.HP shit also and then start the party.

If you land an EX or HP SPD, smart opponents usually just let you dash in and get one HP SPD in if they’re not going to get stunned. It sucks for them and it does a lot of damage to them but its worse to try to jump out, get c.LP’d reset out of the air into a meaty button and then take another one for even more damage. Not smart to try jumping out until after you block a c.LP or take your first HP SPD. That way you can get a better read to jump out of a tick into grab later.


Snip of Gief beating jumping hit boxes with flying headbutt air to air into air EX SPD.

The hit box isn’t huge, but its completely red so that means it will beat anything that comes in contact with it from the air with correct timing. You can’t beat it out with much any air to air and can stuff. Can stuff EX dive kicks and such as well. Then they have to deal with HP SPD oki on wake up.

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It’s not all bad this season. Now that Abigail has been castrated, at least Itazan and Snake will pick up Gief again.


I think you mean Itazan will pick Alex and become Italex.


At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.