Zangief General Thread: Our Russian Skies Are Protected



And why does your cat look like Hitler.


Because she has a moustache and when I visited the shelter to adopt a kitty, I couldn’t help but notice it.
Whence, she became my cat. And turned to be quite the lap thief too.
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Don’t forget the other nerf: Gief lost his corner v-reversal into CA combo, too.

Not to mention the fact that the combo scaling on crush counters hurts also. Sure, crush counters do less damage to Gief, but more often is the situation where Gief baits out an EX reversal and gets a huge punish. Now it doesn’t do as much damage. So that’s another setup per match we have to guess correctly on. Yippee.

That said, I haven’t had much chance to try out the headbutt-EX air SPD yet. Even still, the changes from 3.5 clearly hurt Zangief more than they help him.

And I doubt Itabashi or Snake Eyez will pick up Gief again any time soon. Nevertheless, I’m still fighting the good fight! And I recently hit Plat :slight_smile:


I think Itazan will pick up Gief again, who else would he main (besides Alex)?

All in all, I think the CC scaling benefits Gief, as his real problems lie in defense (no invincible EX, no 3-framer). His damage potential is just fine. In my opinion, Gief only needs one major buff to be competitive, and that’s EX Siberian Express armor from frame 1. As it is now, he’s completely helpless in every situation where he is minus. You can’t reverse outside of CA, and no 3-framer means you have to sit and block fake frame traps all day.


He actually is playing Gief again already.


STU still repping with the Gief.
Gotta admire his devotion!!


He has been playing Rob at tournaments instead.


Forgive me but who is Rob?? No trolling here i’ve never heard that nickname used for a fighter.


I meant Rog, of Balrog.
Mistyped it.


Ah ok yeah i’ve seen that on WNF!!
Rog is his pocket fighter when Gief gets wasted.