Zangief Help



I am currently trying to perfect my biggest weaknesses to improve my game play. one of the things i am working on is either a blocked or a hit weak kick or weak punch to spd as seen here at
[media=youtube]1yswZP0sT9M#t=5m50s[/media] 6m26s. when i do it i either whiff the spd or punch then spd and wiff. because i think im doing it to fast. but it seems he does it almost instantly.

any help would be appreciated or any tips please

Also i have trouble on
[media=youtube]1yswZP0sT9M#t=5m50s[/media] starting on 6m47s i can do the mp to weak kick but when i buffer the green first i end up doing a CR.WK sorry for any complications


you can do l.k spd and also l.k to rbg , maybe your playing online and theres little lag ? if not maybe your not using LP spd

about the green what i do is buffer the motion while i hit the mp