Zangief Hitbox Data (Updated: 06-29-10)

There’s been a lot of arguing about Zangief’s nerfs and tier status lately, and some of the country’s best and most innovative Gief’s have moved away from the Red Cyclone. As a result, this forum has been a little dead lately and actual strategy discussion has slowed to a crawl. Well this data should be helpful for anyone still interested in Zangief and working with the tools that are left to him.

I’ll add more moves as I do them.

The following italicized text is from the readme file with the videos.


Solid Yellow boxes: This represents the physical space that the character is occupying. These do not represent hittable boxes. It is there so the characters, when both are pressing forward, they cannot pass through eachother. Moves that can pass through the opponent, for example, akuma’s teleport, that yellow area wil lcompletely disappear so he can pass through the opponents yellow area.

Solid Yellow long horizontal boxes: I am not sure what this info represents. But in a lot of moves, it appears on frame 1 of the move’s startup.

Solid Red boxes: This represents the attack’s active hitbox. If this box collides with the opponent’s vulnerable box(explained further down), it will register a hit. The data that is shown inside the red hitbox, is not important, they are values representing range/height/etc… basically, important info for the development team only

Solid Green Boxes: This is considered a Projectile Active hitbox. Same rules apply as the red hitbox when it comes to registering a hit.

Solid Blue hitbox: This is a throw’s active hitbox. If this throw collides with a throw vulnerable box(explained further down) on the opponent, a throw will be triggered.

Green lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox. If any attack’s solid red hitbox or projectile’s solid green hitbox collides with the green lined box, a hit will be registered.

Blue lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable throwable hitbox. If a throw’s Solid Blue hitbox makes contact with A blue Lined box, a throw will be triggered

Red lined boxes: This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox, just like the green lined boxes, but it is invincible to projectile attacks(solid green hitboxes).


Standing Normals

Standing LP -

Standing MP -

Standing HP -

Standing LK -

Standing MK -

Standing HK -

Crouching Normals - His Crouching MP is active for 5 frames. The first 2 active frames are shown in the picture and the last 3 active frames are all the same as the last frame shown in the picture.

Crouching LP -

Crouching MP -

Crouching HP -

Crouching LK -

Crouching MK -

Crouching HK -

Forward Jumping Normals - The first 3 active frames of his Jumping LP are shown. It’s active for 2 more frames after these and these 2 frames look just like the 3rd frame. All three active frames of his Jumping MP are shown.

F. Jump LP - Street Fighter 4 Hitbox Data/Zangief/Forward Jumping Normals/JumpingLP.png

F. Jump MP -

F. Jump HP -

F. Jump LK -

F. Jump MK -

F. Jump HK -

Neutral Jumping Normals

N. Jump LP -

N. Jump MP -

N. Jump HP -

N. Jump LK -

N. Jump MK -

N. Jump HK -

Close Normals

Close LP - All 6 active frames are shown.

Active Frames 1 and 2 -
Active Frames 3 and 4 -
Active Frames 5 and 6 -

Close MP -

Close HP -

Close LK -

Close MK -

Close HK - All 4 active frames are shown.

Active Frames 1 and 2 -
Active Frames 3 and 4 -

Command Normals

MP Headbutt -

HP Headbutt -

Long Kick -

Knee Drop -

Body Splash -

Special Moves

Green Hand - The active frames for the LP, MP, and HP versions of the Green Hand are all identical and they are all active for 2 frames. The EX version is invulnerable (except to throws) starting from frame 1 and continues up to and includes the first active frame. As you can see, this invulnerability ends on the second active frame of the move. I’m a little disappointed in the Green Hand hitbox, I think is should extend horizontally out more.

LP, MP and HP Green Hand -

EX Green Hand -

SPD - The normal SPDs become active on frame 2, the EX SPD becomes active on frame 4. The 3 startup frames on the EX version are invulnerable to everything except throws.

LP and MP SPD -

HP and EX SPD -

Punch Lariat - Lariat was a bitch to do. I decided to show all the startup frames and all the active frames but to skip the frames where it can’t hit. So far I’ve only done the punch lariat, I’ll add the kick lariat when I get time.

Lariat - 3 Startup Frames -

Lariat - Active Frames 1 and 2 -

Then there are 4 inactive frames where the Lariat loses all ability to hit. Followed by 7 more active frames, listed below.

Lariat - Active Frames 3 and 4 -

Lariat - Active Frames 5 and 6 -

Lariat - Active Frames 7 and 8 -

Lariat - Active Frame 9 -

Then there are 2 inactive frames where the Lariat loses all ability to hit. Followed by 7 more active frames, listed below.

Lariat - Active Frames 10 and 11 -

Lariat - Active Frames 12 and 13 -

Lariat - Active Frames 14 and 15 -

Lariat - Active Frame 16 -

Then there are 3 inactive frames where the Lariat loses all ability to hit. Followed by 9 more active frames, listed below.

Lariat - Active Frames 17 and 18 -

Lariat - Active Frames 19 and 20 -

Lariat - Active Frames 21 and 22 -

Lariat - Active Frames 23 and 24 -

Lariat - Active Frame 25 -

Then there are 2 inactive frames where the Lariat loses all ability to hit. Followed by 8 more active frames, listed below.

Lariat - Active Frames 26 and 27 -

Lariat - Active Frames 28 and 29 -

Lariat - Active Frames 30 and 31 -

Lariat - Active Frames 32 and 33 -

Then there are 4 inactive frames where the Lariat loses all ability to hit. Followed by 3 more active frames, listed below. After these 3 active frames there are a final 14 frames of recovery, the first of which is shown.

Lariat - Active Frames 34 and 35 -

Lariat - Active Frame 36 and Recovery -

As with the T. Hawk info, please let me know if any mistakes were made or links are dead or stuff like that. Also, let me know if this info is posted elsewhere as that would save me a lot of time. :smile:

Thanks for the thread!

Any chance on getting N. jump normals and knees/splash and d/f+HK?


cool. I didn’t know the forward hitbox looked like that.

also, if you want to be complete, you’re missing his close standing normals.

another also, just a guess here: is the solid long yellow box the range at which the opponent will go into blocking animation when zangief attacks?

His close normals will be added along with all his Specials, Super, Ultra, etc. as I get the time.

Not sure how I’ll show the lariat data, I might just end up showing ALL of it’s startup, active, and recovery frames. You may be shocked, it’s quite obvious it was nerfed just by looking at the hitbox. Not that I really mind the lariat change. But I DO mind this funky-weird jump Gief has now. Oh well.

More to come.

i can’t believe my account on youtube got banned for posting these but it’s on ok on here i don’t get capcom

Wtf? Really? Your youtube account got banned for this? That’s crazy. I wonder if Capcom actually requested that it be taken down or if youtube just got nervous about it.

Thanks for posting these up. Its suprising to see how small and recessed a good number of Giefs hitboxes are. What is the point of making a large character and then making their hitboxes only extend halfway the length of the animation we are seeing on screen? Why not make Zangiefs standing fierce animate like he is throwing out an elbow for instance, since the rest of his arm is incapable of hitting?

As a longtime Zangief user, I had figured some of these out on a certain level, for example I knew to aim s.lp and like I was trying to hit with the wrist, but wow some of these are even worse than I expected.

edit: so after going to the other post in the OP and checking out Thawks hitboxes its hard to not be salty about what Zangief gets. His hitboxes actually match his animations. Why isn’t this the case for Zangief? It just causes unnecessary confusion. Especially for a person that doesn’t have this info. Why even have Giefs arms outstretched for a lariat when we are apparently hitting people with his armpits?

Agreed. Some of his hitboxes look kinda wonky, and I have a feeling that they’re a little worse in Super than they were in SF4. I’d LOVE to see his hitboxes from SF4 to compare them to these.

I’ll probably be updating with Lariat and Green Hand hitboxes later today. They look pretty wonky too, and they’ll help explain why Green Hand sucks hard at actually putting fireballs out now.

So last night I jumped over a Seth doing wakeup U1. I landed on the other side and did Fierce SPD from behind. Gief got sucked in anyway, right through Seth into the Tandem Stream or whatever its called and ended up back on my original side. Crazy hitboxes.

the solid yellow long horizontal boxes, doesnt that represent the moves “block range”? For instance, if you are holding back or down back, your character will put up his guard if you are within the the opponents’ move’s long yellow block range?

Wth, MP and FP SPD have the same range?
Please tell me there some super minute detail reason why I’d go MP over FP?

Oops. :bgrin: I screwed up the HP SPD picture. I’ll fix it when I get time, but it DOES have a little less range than the MP version. I’ll also be adding his close normals soon.

Im searching for KKK Lariat hitbox pics. Can somebody give me a link or something? I have downloaded the whole vids, but my pc seems too slow to read the HD data, so i cant really watch it. thnx.

Anyone has U2 Hitbox pic?

Suppose I should update the OP with that. Eh, I’ll do it later. :slight_smile:

Sweet thanks!

Are any of Zangief’s Command grabs throw invincible on startup? And EX.SPD is the only invincible one on startup correct?

I actually got hit out of U2 in the air last night. Akuma did ex Demon Flip into Dive Kick and I met him at the apex of his arc well off the ground. He was directly above me with foot slightly behind Zangief’s head. Maybe the first frame or first few after the ultra flash.

zangief doesnt have ANY special throw invincible move. they should make ex spd at least.